Love weddings? Then wedprep may just be for you!

What is WEDPREP? Wedprep is a 2 day class devoted to educating anyone 1. looking to learn about the wedding industry as a new and progressive business model 2. planning their own wedding or 3. wanting to blossom as a creative person in an already existing related career. There will be top professionals from all aspects of the Southern California based industry with lectures and hands-on ideas ranging from photography to florals to music to food to fashion to social media & everything in between.

Founded by Paige Appel & Kelly Harris of Bash, Please (and designers behind weddings such as this one and this one) this class will be held at Lightspace Studio in Culver City on June 22-23rd. Email [email protected] to get more info and sign up! The cost is $1000 for two full days of extensive knowledge, delicious food, hands on projects, camaraderie, giveaways, sample business templates, and an overall new perspective on all things wedding related.

Happy wedding planning!