Wedding Inspiration from the Movies: Up

Happy Monday! This week I have some fun posts planned for you guys. In celebration of the Oscars on Sunday, I thought I would share some wedding inspirations + ideas from some of my favorite movies – including some that are nominated for Academy Awards this year. I think you can find so many great ideas from films – so why not bring some of those fun ideas into your wedding?!

To start the week off, I’m looking at one of the nominations for Best Picture this year – the movie Up. If you didn’t get a chance to see this movie, you really should. It is sweet and at parts sad, but has a really cute message. Quick synopsis – It’s about a couple that meet when they are children and both share a love of adventure and exploring. They later marry and promise to go visit Paradise Falls when they save enough money. Unfortunately, Ellie (the wife) dies and they don’t get to make the trip. Carl decides to try and make the trip himself by tying thousands of balloons to his house and floating away. And an adventure begins…

up movie wedding inspiration
sources: Tim Walker, Stephanie Williams, Troadec Photography via 100 layer cake, Stephanie Williams, Elizabeth Messina, Max Wanger, Izzy Girl via Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Messina, Our Labor of Love

Remember, when finding inspiration from movies, you don’t need (or want to be) too literal. Pick a few elements you love and work with those. My favorite element from Up are of course all the colorful balloons Carl uses to float away. I see a colorful + happy wedding. Love, balloons, travel + adventure, and colorful birds.

What other movies would you like to see me find inspiration from this week (they don’t have to be from this year)?