Wedding Flower Breakdown

wedding flower breakdown

I absolutely love the flowers from Natalie + Chris’ Palm Springs wedding we shared this morning, so I’m excited to welcome Chelsea Kline of Hello, Gem! to tell us a bit more about them along with some info if you are thinking of doing your own flowers.

Hello Everyone! I have always loved weddings and events, especially the creative side. I am so excited to share the details about Chris & Natalie’s florals and debut my new company, Hello, Gem! today to all the Green Wedding Shoes readers! My closest, most talented friends have been working really hard to create a one stop wedding shop (floral, paper goods, photography, make up, everything!). Here are breakdowns of exactly which flowers we used for Chris & Natalie’s wedding  including the boutonniere, centerpieces, bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets followed by some helpful tips for all the DIY brides out there!

bridal bouquet breakdown

bout breakdown

bridesmaid bouquet breakdown

centerpiece breakdown

Flowers can be a little daunting: knowing what to order, how much to budget, etc. Natalie and Chris’ flowers turned out amazing thanks to some basic planning and staying organized throughout the process. Here are some tips for the adventurous and crafty brides-to-be out there!

  • First, collect inspirational images – pinterest and the GWS bouquet gallery are both great for this! It’s really helpful to have some references as you start to figure out exactly what you want to do for your bouquet, centerpieces, etc. Natalie asked me to create arrangements that had a more organic feel using a lot of greenery, succulents and white flowers.
  • Find your local flower mart or growers and gather information about the flowers you want in your bouquet/centerpieces. Will it be in season? How much per bunch?
  • Now you’ll be ready to do a trial bouquet and centerpiece. This step is crucial because it really helps cut down on costs. This is also the time for you to be creative and really nail down the look of your centerpieces! Take lots of photos to reference for the actual wedding day. If you make a trial centerpiece you will know exactly how many flowers you will use per arrangement and how much you will need to spend.
  • Once you’ve got the details down, order your flowers in advance directly from the market or grower. This will ease your mind knowing everything is settled and ready to go.
  • Then comes the fun part, putting the actual event flowers together! Have fun with it, be confident, and trust your instincts!  It’s almost impossible to make flowers look hideous! Also YouTube trials (like this one) will be your best friend. Be sure to keep the flowers stored in a cool dry place until they are ready to go out.

Thanks so much to Hello, Gem! for the DIY tips + flower breakdowns. You can see more of their designs in their portfolio on their website. All photos by EP Love.