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The Black Tux

Finding the perfect dress is stressful enough, right? Well, can you imagine how groom’s around the world feel (especially those that detest shopping) when they need to find a tux? It’s likely that while growing up and going to special events (e.g. prom), they rented a tux and didn’t really fancy the whole experience — awkward fit, cheap material, aggressive salesclerk. Well, at least that’s the case for co-founder of The Black Tux, Andrew Blackmon. A few year ago, when he was searching for a tux for his wedding, he had to settle at an outdated tux shop that only carried suits with a “Wall Street in the ’90s” vibe. Andrew and his groomsman, Patrick, agreed that gents needed a better, easier, and more accessible way to find the right tux for their big day. After a year of industry research, fabric mill tours halfway around the world, and solving the problems with traditional rentals, Andrew and Patrick started The Black Tux.

In an effort to change the “rental reputation”, The Black Tux offers a simple rental process, a better fit, and the finest wool available. Renting shouldn’t be a “one-size-fits-all” experience, and that applies to style, too. The Black Tux does have the classic black tuxedo (and done JUST RIGHT), but that’s just the beginning of what formalwear they carry! Their collection includes all the classics + suits that push the envelope. In addition, their team of Fit Specialists check every order to make sure the sizes requested make sense for the guy’s body and build!

The Black Tux Groom

The Black Tux

How does the rental process with The Black Tux work?

Simply choose a custom look for your wedding party, or pick from an array of professionally-styled outfits. You can even request a free home try-on for the groom! Once the selections have been made, everyone in the party will be notified via e-mail with a look that’s ready to rent! Track your wedding party’s progress online as they set up their account and submit sizes.

But what if it doesn’t fit or arrive in time?

Don’t fret — The Black Tux ensures the delivery arrives 14 days before your wedding. So, there’s plenty of time to make changes; if something’s not perfect, they’ll send a new one right away — free of charge.   

What about returns after the wedding?

You don’t have to worry about rushing back to the tux shop to return anything… Send the package back within three days using the provided shipping label from The Black Tux. They’ll even send everyone else a reminder (one less thing for you to do).

The Black Tux

Looking for something regal + elegant, but not all black? This is The Midnight Pin Dot Tuxedo.

The Black Tux

The Grey Suit can be worn year-round; it’s simultaneously classic + modern, while also effortless + refined.

The Black Tux

The Peak Lapel Tuxedo is peak formalwear, literally. You can’t beat the classic + statement-making look of a peak lapel tuxedo! 

The Black Tux

The gent that dons The Midnight Blue Tuxedo will definitely set himself apart from the pack, in the best way possible.

Planning a wedding is tough, we know. Perhaps that’s why so many grooms tend to hand over the reins to their partner! However, we’re pretty sure that deep down, every groom wants to help a bit — they just don’t know where to start. To give them a little assistance, here is a Groom’s Guide, courtesy of The Black Tux. It’s packed full of useful tips on everything from writing vows, to finding the perfect wedding day outfit!

So which one of these dapper suits from The Black Tux is your favorite? What trends in men’s wedding attire do you fancy?

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