Unique Wedding Bands from Tungsten World

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Even if you’re in the early stages of the wedding planning process, we say it’s never too early to start thinking about your wedding bands. If you picture it like this: these bands will become an integral part of your everyday life. Your most worn piece of jewelry + one of the biggest reminders from your wedding day. And if you’re the type of couple who wants to find wedding bands that are unique, customizable, highly durable and affordable (and, really, who doesn’t?!), stick around for a sec to meet our partners at Tungsten World.

TungstenWorld.com provides couples with a wide array of stunning tungsten wedding rings for men and women. In addition to that, they offer cobalt chrome wedding rings, diamond tungsten rings, titanium wedding bands for men and black zirconium wedding bands. Their alternative metals come in a wide array of colors + styles and are even available in varying levels of ruggedness. So what – exactly – makes a ring vary in ruggedness? Here’s a quick example to break it down: A men’s tungsten wedding band is 8x more scratch resistant than 14k gold wedding rings and at an average cost of $199, much more affordable as well. If you’re looking to break the mold of the average wedding band, TW’s line of wedding rings are the one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces you’re looking for.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

1. Mens African Blackwood Inlay Titanium Ring // 2. Zebrawood Inlay Titanium Ring // 3. Hawiian Koa Wood Inlaid Milgrain Titanium Ring // 4. Brushed Flat Silver Inset Titanium Ring // 5. Brushed Raised Edge Titanium Band // 6. Flat High Polished Titanium Ring // 7. Honeycomb Design Brushed Titanium Ring // 8. Real Koa Rosewood Segment Inlay Titanium Ring // 9. Double Inlay Sterling Silver Titanium Ring

Tungsten Wedding Bands

If you’ve spotted a ring here that caught your eye, or if you’d like to explore the benefits of a tungsten ring, stop by TungstenWorld.com for more info. And once you’re ready to pull the trigger on a wedding band, be sure to enter GWSTungsten in the promo code section of the shopping cart before checkout for $35 off your order of $125 or more (until July 18th, 2015)!

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