Twilight Wedding Inspiration

Ok fellow Twilight fans, today is the day – New Moon is out! Anyone planning to see it this weekend? I’m hoping to catch it on Sunday. I know the Twilight wedding isn’t until book 3 book 4 – Breaking Dawn, but I thought it would be fun to do a post on some wedding inspiration from the movie. Who doesn’t love a good love story! I think that is what attracts a lot of us to the Twilight stories – ok, ok, maybe Rob Pattison has something to do with us loving the movies also :) I’ve been in Twilight mood the past few weeks – along with a lot of us! – and I’ve been thinking there are some great ideas you can bring into your wedding – or I hope we will see in Bella and Edward’s wedding…

The location of Forks, Washington would make for some amazing pre-wedding photos.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Punam Bean, Bottom from flickr}

Fashion. Bella’s favorite color is brown, so how perfect are these fun sparkling brown shoes to bring a bit of brown in. I love the long flowy hair – simple and elegant. Also, a great necklace with a red jewel would make a great statement. For the groom, I love a more modern look.

twilight wedding inspiration

{shoe photo by Jasmine Star, Kristen Stewart and Edward photos from Instyle, necklace by Kari Roy photo from Pure }

A ruffled tulip for the flowers. According to legend, the tulip symbolizes “perfect love.” I picture Bella in a wedding dress with some vintage lace inspiration. Bridesmaids in dark, deep red.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Jonas Peterson, bottom left dress by Casablanca, bottom right from flickr}

The ceremony would take place in the woods. How perfect is this setting below? Music played on a piano of course!

twilight wedding inspiration

{left photo & bottom right by Punam Bean, Top right by Leigh Miller}

Lots and lots of twinkling lights. There needs to be dancing under the lights :)

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Ben Blood, bottom photos from twilight}

Reception with lots of ruffled tulips and Italian food. An exit with lots of red ribbons.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top left photo from Each Little World, top right by Jose Villa, photo with ribbons unknown, bottom by Robert Sukrachand}

What do you guys think, how do you picture their wedding? Anyone getting married in the woods of the Northwest? Such a dreamy location!