Traveling Afar: Handling Your Honeymoon with Care

We know, we know, there are so many things that are going into the big day and you may be in the midst of planning right now… But have you and your love discussed options when it comes to the honeymoon?

Are you two looking for a place to relax on the beach without a care in the world… somewhere in the Caribbean? Maybe you’re up for a journey and want to venture through the rolling green hills of New Zealand? Perhaps you want to sample all the cuisine and culture of Italy? GWS couples tend to have an adventurous spirit and we have a feeling there are quite a few foodies out there, too (including us!).

While you’re snapping photos of your delicious delights, hiking the tallest mountain, racing down the dunes on a quad, or cuddling up to your loved one while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be on your mind: what the heck did I do with my engagement ring?!

Yup, you read that right. Can you imagine holding hands with your love, looking down and not seeing your ring? The panic sets in: did I leave it on the counter in our Airbnb? Did I take it off to apply sunscreen? Well, one thing that can ease the panic is Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group — they’ll have your back no matter what happens.

Where Will You Travel?

Your honeymoon is all about making memories with your beau, sharing dreamy experiences, and being truly present in the moment. Sometimes when exploring a destination, you find a gorgeous gem that serves as a tangible reminder of the journey… However, you want to make sure you’re not being scammed, especially in an area that you’re unfamiliar with. Jewelers Mutual® has got you covered with their Smart Traveler’s Guide to Buying Jewelry on Vacation!

We can’t wait to hear about what locations you’re considering! A few suggestions from us…

• For those that love exploring history, culture and food: France, Italy, Scotland (particularly Edinburgh), Japan, New York City
• For those that love hiking + epic scenery: Switzerland, New Zealand, Peru, Iceland, Colorado
• For those that want to relax somewhere warm: Hawaii, The Bahamas, Thailand, Mexico, Greece

*A note for those hanging out near the ocean + on the sandy shores — one of the number one lost ring instances occurs when wading in the ocean. A wave hits and your ring slips off… We’d highly suggest taking it off + leaving it someplace safe before diving in!

3 Tips When Traveling with Jewelry

A few other tips we’ve learned along the way when it comes to traveling with jewelry  (including your engagement/wedding ring!):

• Wear jewelry or pack in carry-on, never check it

• Be cautious of your surroundings, especially ones that are particularly touristy and make sure to read up about local scams 

• Tuck a necklace into your blouse or turn a ring around to minimize exposure

Thinking jewelry insurance of your highly sentimental bauble might put you at ease? Yeah, us too… Find out more about coverage plans from Jewelers Mutual — costs involved are typically 1-2% of the value, you can choose your deductible, and the policy minimum is around $25 to $30/year, depending on your state. 

Tell us about your honeymoon dreams + plans in the comments below! Safe travels, everyone!!

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