How to Throw a Backyard Wedding: The Extras

I hope you all enjoyed the posts this week about throwing a backyard wedding. Here are a few more reasons why a backyard wedding might just work for you!

You want to include your puppy!
(a lot of places won’t allow dogs, something to look into if having your dog there is important to you)
You are having an afternoon wedding and want to play a game of croquet or lawn bowling.
{Cooper Carras, Jose Villa, Cooper Carras}Maybe you picture cooking some s’mores late at night.
backyard wedding ideas
{Both photos from Our labor of love}You want a send off with sparklers! (Some venues don’t allow sparklers – ask if that is important to you!)backyard wedding ideas
{Holland Photo Arts, Michelle King, Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire}Hope you enjoyed a week of backyard wedding tips and inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend!