This Pastel Bridal Tea Party is Cotton-Candy Bubblegum-Pop Dreams!

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Pop the bubbly and grab the gals because this bubblegum-pop pastel bridal party is a confection of fun! All the ladies donned colored wigs and sipped on lemonade in teacups while they wrapped up in cozy robes and, later, pretty pastel bridesmaids dresses. The party popped into the mind of Karly from Veils Vows and Veuvé when she happened across an old Pinterest board! Here’s the story behind her design + creative direction:

This styled shoot evolved with many brilliant creatives in the director’s chair who ran with their own specialty. The concept developed after I stitched a collage of all my inspo pictures from a dormant Pinterest board I’ve had for over a year. Colored wigs, mismatched teacups paired with pastel bridal robes. A total babes’ brunch where they drank lemonade out of teacups and shared all their secrets. Aurelia brought out such a fun, bright side of these ladies capturing many quirky + silly moments. I truly could not have done this without the help of each and every one of these vendors who had an equal creative input as I did as a creative director. We all worked together to create something much bigger than I could have ever imagined!

And the good news is, we’re all invited to the party! Let’s have a look at the photos from Aurelia D’Amore!

Spill the Tea!

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationMismatched is a signature look for Veils Vows and Veuvé, so the teacup wall was a must-have! Sparkle the Moment mixed in linens hand-dyed from plant-based material — so fun!

Pastel Bridal Party Robes + Romps

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationThe ladies showed up to Muse in Los Angeles in pastel-colored bridal robes from Mod Party — we LOVE these.

bride socksAnd how cuuuute are these handmade custom socks from Miss Webb Designs?

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationThe pastel wigs from Mona from The Wig Fairy in Beverly Hills are just the most fun! We are SO down for a wig party.

heart sunglasses

Kaleidoscope Queens

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Let’s talk about that makeup! The concept was created by Heather at Makeup the Bride to highlight (literally) the eye, wig, and dress color of each model. Heather shared, “The overall concept was so unique, fun, inviting, and light-hearted so I wanted to bring that to life through these makeup applications! The result was dreamy.”

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationFor the second look, the ladies changed into formal pastel bridesmaids dresses from Birdie Grey.

cotton candyKaty Perry viiiibes.

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Sweets + More Sweets

pastel balloon backdropIt’s not a party without balloons and these from Balloon Zilla are perfection!

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationThe table was a big cloud of blue and pink cotton candy with assorted faux diamonds sprinkled in. 3 Little Birds Event Planning provided the mismatched teacups and china and Lemonade provided four different flavored lemonades with giant pastel-colored macaroons!

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Pastel Bridal Tea Party InspirationThe gals sat around the table ghost chairs and drank from mismatched goblets with cotton candy cake gems, and gold flakes from Trinity’s Kitchen.

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

Pastel Bridal Tea Party Inspiration

For the grand finale, Charlie Taylor directed a dreamy video with a doll-like darker artistic twist.

Such a fun day, right? Cheers all around to the creative folks behind it all!

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photography: Aurelia D'Amore // venue name: Muse, Studio City, CA, USA // event design: Karly from Veils Vows and Veuvé // planning: Lacey Langford and Karly Solecki // hair stylist: Mona from The Wig Fairy // makeup artist: Heather Coopersmith // videography: Charlie Taylor // handmade details: Miss Webb Designs (socks) // catering: Lemonade // desserts: Trinity's Kitchen // tabletop rentals: 3 Little Birds Event Planning // models: Dani Haberman, Charlie Taylor, Trinity Andrew and Nicole Renard // model: Tiana Carter // coordinator on site : Trinity Andrew // coordinator on site: Raymond Vega // makeup artist: Courtney Lauren Beauty // balloons: Marla from Balloon Zilla // little girl models: Claire and Chloe // all accessories: Wedding Favorites