These Are the Cutest Chess Sets for The Queen’s Gambit Fans

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So…we’re all playing chess now, right? If you’re one of the 70 million people who binged The Queen’s Gambit — or know someone who has — you might be in the market for a chess board. Of course, this is us we’re talking about, so we had to do a little digging to find the cutest chess sets out there. Turns out, chess sets are in high demand these days! Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, there’s something slow and soothing about sitting down for a game that requires a little mental focus.

Another benefit to chess? You don’t need a full crowd to play. It’s the perfect quarantine escape — well, besides actually watching The Queen’s Gambit. Here are a few of our favorite sets…make your move.

Most-Wanted Chess Board

modern chess board This PRINTWORKS Classic Chess Set ($67)  has sold out SO quickly almost everywhere — from Anthropologie to Urban. But we found just a few more, so act fast! This modern set is in a stylish box that’ll look cute on your shelf when you’re not sitting down for a game.

Best Modern Chess Board

black and white marble chess boardThis Marble Chess Game ($99.95) is all about CHESS TO IMPRESS. The sleek grey and white chess board is made of smooth Banswara marble and plays host to modern chess pieces, each hand-carved and hand-polished by artisans in India. A timeless gift for the modern gamer.

Best Glam Chess Board

Glam Acrylic Chess BoardGame night goes glam with this Acrylic Chess Board ($200). A sleek take on a classic, this set is worthy of permanent display on your coffee table.

Best Classic Chess Set

Classic Wooden Chess Board and Pieces Sometimes classic is best and Wooden Chess Set with Felted Game Board ($28.99) is a first-class choice.

Best Rustic Set

Hand-carved Unique Chess SetThis unique handmade Olive Wood Rustic Chess Set ($129) features individually hand-carved pieces on a beautiful raw-edge board. There are even two small drawers on opposite ends for safekeeping.

Cutest On-the-Go Set

The travel-ready Pendleton Roll-Up Chess And Checkers Set ($35) is perfect for road trips and adventures.

Best Statement Set

New York City Skyline Chess SetThese stunning Skyline Acrylic Chess Sets (New York or London) $149 take distinguished line-ups of notable architecture and transforms them into game pieces to create a truly unique statement piece.

Most Beautiful Chess Board

There’s no doubt this Acrylic Chess Game ($169) is a stunner. The transparent board features white checkered printing and doubles as a box for the entire set. Pieces come in two color schemes with assorted shapes and shades for a modern take on the traditional game.

Best 2-in-1 Colorful Chess Board

Colorful Modern Chess BoardGo bold and colorful with this MoMA 2-in-1 Chess + Checkers Set ($55).

Best Affordable Chess Set

Game of Chess from TargetTarget’s simple and cute Chess Set ($10) is a classy wooden board with navy and beige pieces.

Best Giant Chess Set

Giant Chess for Indoor or Outdoor How fun is this Giant Indoor/Outdoor Chess Set ($90)? It folds up for easy transport and set up as a floor game or outside as a lawn game.

Best Chess Set for Beginners

Best Chess Set for BeginnersOkay — it’s not the cutest chess set. But No Stress Chess ($13.50) is the perfect place to start! Just set the pieces on the board, shuffle the deck, and begin to play. There are several levels of difficulty, gradually introducing players to standard chess in incremental steps. When you’re ready, just flip the board to the standard chess board side!