The Honest Company now at Target


I’m so excited to share the news that one of my favorite brands, The Honest Company, is now available at Target!

I’ve always been done my best to ensure that we choose safe and environmentally friendly products when possible. However, since becoming a mom last year, I’ve grown much more concerned about every detail of the cleaning + beauty products we use on and around our daughter….having a little one to care for sure makes you do your homework on daily products! As such, I was relieved when I discovered The Honest Company (co-founded by Jessica Alba) and learned of their commitment for the same issues I care about as a mom….I was hooked!

The Honest Company offers non-toxic, eco-friendly and beautiful products that are kind to the environment, our family and our wallet. A win-win-win! When I first discovered The Honest Company, the only downside was that their products weren’t carried in many stores, so finding and buying them wasn’t always easy. However, their new partnership with Target makes their great products much more accessible to discerning moms.

If you’re a mom and aren’t familiar with The Honest Company yet, getting to know them will be a pleasure. They seriously have the cutest diapers around! The great graphics caught my eye immediately….such a nice change of pace to see great design on diapers for a change! Plus they’re perfect for the summer months when your little ones aren’t bundled up, but you still want them to look super cute. :) The prints are updated each season, which makes diaper shopping more fun…almost like waiting for your fave designers new line to be unveiled each season. On my current love list are their cherry + chevron prints as seen below on Sienna…


Honest Diapers Chevron


As a brand new mom, one of the things I discovered after Sienna was born was how little free time you have. I know everyone tells you (and it’s hard to believe), but it’s so true! With Sienna arriving 5 1/2 weeks early, I felt like we were always behind, since when you run your own business there is no such thing as maternity leave! :) The first few months Jason and I were both running on just a few hours sleep a night. Between jugging work and being a new mom (so much to learn!) there’s barely any time left for you to research the best products for your little one. It’s tough, because you want to make sure everything that comes into contact with your little one is the best for her, but it can take forever browsing through so many new product categories that you’ve never even considered buying before. Baby product research is a full time job….and so is being a new mom!

I soon discovered that once you can find a brand you can trust, it’s like meeting a new friend that you can trust. You no longer need to research each product to make sure it’s safe and/or healthy for them. That’s kind of how I felt about The Honest Company. Anything to help you save time is so appreciative and I knew once I did a little research on them, I could trust their products – plus some of them even make mundane things (like changing diapers!) that much more fun. Sienna loves them too….sometimes the rad designs trick her into playing with diapers like they’re toys too.


As you already know, I’m a huge fan of great design + packaging. So, I had to include a few photos to show off the pretty packaging! (Thanks so much to Paige Jones for the photos below from an event at the Westwood Target planned by Cara of Cara Events this past week).




I also wanted to share a few of The Honest Company products that I use on a daily basis – whether you are a mom or just looking for safe cleaning products or love great packaging – I’m a big fan of these six all found at Target …

Fave Products from Honest Company

1. Honest Diapers // 2. Honest Sunscreen // 3. Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner // 4. Honest Hand Soap // 5. Honest Conditioning Detangler // 6. Honest Bar Soap


This post is sponsored by Target. The Honest Company has arrived at Target – introducing safe, effective & oh-so stylish products for you & your little one. Now at Target.