The Surprising Reason Why The Art of Etiquette’s Vow Books + Keepsakes Won’t Gather Dust

The Art of Etiquette

There’s no question about it, you need a vow book. You may first consider the most obvious reason: to write down and recite your vows. And same with a wedding guest book: to gather the names of those witnessing your union. But the team at The Art of Etiquette believes that vow books, wedding guest books, anniversary books, and more go beyond simple practicality. With The Wedding Collection, they’ve created heirloom archival-quality books that will get the job done, but not without a surprise or two tucked between the pages.

These keepsakes were intentionally created to both surprise and delight for years to come. Instead of packing them away to gather dust, you’ll find a series of ongoing love notes, earmarked for future celebrations, for example. Not a one-time book, but an ongoing lifeforce that demands your books stay close at hand before you pass them on to the generations to come.

We know you’re curious, so let’s take a peek inside some of The Art of Etiquette’s most popular books to get a closer look. And speaking of surprises, keep reading to the end to something special just for our GWS readers!

Keepsake Vow Books

First up from The Wedding Collection, it’s these stunning archival vow books! These will last the test of time and keep a story for the ages. Imagine your grandchildren reading the words you first promised to each other! And as for the delightful surprise? In the back of each book is a tiny envelope enclosed with a wax seal. It’s meant to hold a letter to your beloved to be opened on the occasion of your first anniversary. Isn’t that SO romantic?

These cloche displays are perfect for holding and displaying your vow books for the years ahead.

Heirloom-Quality Wedding Guest Books

Feast your eyes on The Best is Yet to Come Wedding Guest Book. So much more than an autograph book, these pages are poised to become one of your most cherished wedding day mementos. Inside, you’ll find opportunities for your guests to leave words of advice and well wishes within envelopes to be opened on an anniversary they select.

The Art of Etiquette

Along with space for inscriptions, the guest book has space to store treasured photographs of guests along with pocket folders for your invitations, menus, and other wedding day keepsakes. You’ll even find toast sheets inside to commemorate all the “cheers!”

The Art of Etiquette

Anniversary Book For the Years to Come

Best Is Yet to Come Wedding anniversary Book from Art of Etiquette

Finally, it’s The Art of Etiquette’s stunning anniversary book. Think of this as a time capsule and anniversary tradition all in one. Each year, you’ll add photos, record milestones, document highlights, preserve memories, and write an anniversary love note—written one year to be opened during the following anniversary. With passages designed to start on your wedding day and continue on every anniversary that follows, rediscovering the book year after year will become one of your most honored wedding anniversary traditions

The Art of Etiquette

With a helpful guide that lists traditional and modern anniversary symbols, you can find inspiration for wedding anniversary gifts simply by opening the book.

Here, you’re invited to write an anniversary note for the year to come. How fun is that? Something you’ll look forward to every time you open the book.

Such a fun tradition! And imagine looking back after years have passed on all the memories you’ve created.

Preserve a Legacy with the Complete Collection

You can find all The Art of Etiquette’s wedding keepsakes in The Wedding Collection. And if you hung around for the surprise, you’re in for a treat! Green Wedding Shoes readers get 15% off their purchase, just use the code GWS15.

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