Tentipi Event Tents Will Take Your Wedding To the Next Level!

Tribeca Tipis by Rachel Takes Pictures

Dreaming of a unique wedding atmosphere? Picture this: a gorgeous, scenic outdoor wedding with the best of both worlds. Experience luxe-weddings in gorgeous outdoor locations ranging from the coast to the countryside with the comfort of being able to retreat into a grandiose Nordic tent. Well, this is completely possible thanks to Tentipi Event Tents! These versatile event structures are designed and made in Sweden and have a growing customer base around the world and within the US. Their story is one of Scandinavian design, beauty, and quality craftsmanship that are the perfect addition to your wedding day… and we’re going to tell you why!!

Bring Your Visions to Life

Riata Ranch by Jake and Necia Photography

Tentipi Event Tents provide a blank canvas for individual styling ideas, working equally well with rustic and boho looks as they do with luxe and glam styling, giving you the full range of styling your wedding the way you want!

Tentipi customers include rental companies that specialize in Tentipi Event Tents and those that offer Tentipi Tents as part of a more varied inventory.  Tentipi also counts many wedding venues, hotel groups, and hospitality businesses among their customers.

In recent years Tentipi has seen an expansion in its customer base throughout the US and growth in demand from wedding planners and couples. Their first customer was Under The Sky Event Rental in Colorado, they now have rental customers and venues using Tentipi Event Tents from California to New York State.

Riata Ranch by Loveridge Photography
Elm Pass Woods by Leah Thomason Photography

These versatile event structures are designed and made in Sweden and have a growing customer base around the world and within the US.

With Tentipi offering several different tent sizes and layout options, they can accommodate everything from intimate ceremonies to over-the-top events!

photo courtesy of Elmbridge Farm
Tipi Lane by Time with Alex

Decorating the interior of a Tentipi Event Tent with unique lighting, floral design, furniture, and so forth, allows you to bring your wedding design and inspiration to life in a one-of-a-kind way! We are loving the florals hanging from the interior of these tent designs!

photo courtesy of Event in a Tent
Tp and Co by Tyler Brown Photography | planning by Heyder & Shears

With their roots in Northern Sweden, these tents are built to withstand harsh Scandinavian winters. The timber poles are harvested from sustainable spruce forests in the far north of Sweden where trees grow very slowly, making them very strong. Available in three styles and six sizes, Tentipi Tents have one model which is the cornerstone of their success – the Stratus 72 (seen above). This versatile structure can have the sides raised or lowered depending on weather and views.

Another key feature of the Stratus 72 is that any number can be linked to create a single covered space, to exactly suit the size of the event and available land. In summer 2021 a UK rental company linked 25 Stratus 72s to create an event space for 2,500 people – wow!

Tipi Luxe by Alex Cohen Photography | styling by Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

Perfect for weddings big and small, a Tentipi Event Tent will take your weddings to the next level by providing an environment your guests will not forget!

For anyone interested in launching or expanding a business with Tentipi Event Tents, Tentipi is offering a two-day training course with CEO Ed Wright, utilizing his wealth of experience, worth over $3,000 (Ts and Cs apply).

For details of your nearest Tentipi Event Tent rental or venue, or to find out more about the tents please contact the Tentipi team at [email protected] or by calling 646.666.9738. You can also follow them on Instagram at @tentipitevents.

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