Squarespace for Small Business: A Q+A With ISA ISA Floral Design

Isa Isa Floral Website built with Squarespace

New year new…website?! If you’re a small business owner or perhaps thinking of launching your own business in 2018, we’ve got a treat for you today that might just inspire you to take the next step. Chances are if you’re a GWS reader than you’re a creative, visual person and you’ve probably got that side hustle down strong. So we’re enjoying sharing inspiring stories and advice from creatives leading the charge in the wedding industry to help you turn that side hustle into a full time business!

Today, we’re chatting with ISA ISA Floral Design to find out the story behind their most valuable marketing tool – a visually perfect portfolio, thanks to their Squarespace website – and what’s up ahead for the floral company. ISA ISA can take a simple bloom and create artful installation, something that can only be truly communicated with cohesive photos that POP!

See what we mean and get the scoop from ISA ISA below:

Isa Isa Floral Website built with Squarespace

GWS: Tell us about your business.

ISA ISA: I have a floral design business. My business ranges from events and weddings, to creating weekly installations for clients (like stores and homes) in Los Angeles, and photoshoots as well. While I have clients in Los Angeles on a weekly basis, I also travel sometimes for events and weddings. I like the flexibility that event jobs allow for schedule-wise, but I also love the consistency of weekly accounts–currently finding balance between those two opposites.

Isa Isa Floral Website built with Squarespace

GWS: How do you stand out in a crowded market space?

ISA ISA: I draw from my own personal experiences and inspiration. I try to listen to my intuition and I find inspiration in other design fields, travels, art, books, and nature–using what’s around me. Thinking about flowers and arranging more as a perception of what is happening around me visually and in my imagination.

GWS: When did you launch your Squarespace site?

ISA ISA: I launched my Squarespace site a few years ago, in 2014.

GWS: How has this site changed or impacted your business?

ISA ISA: Squarespace has made it super easy for me to create a portfolio and display it in a way that I love and that people can access. I used to design my own website through indexhibit (feels so archaic now!) and I really loved doing this but since I no longer have the time, Squarespace’s easy interface has really helped. I can do everything quickly and efficiently when updating my site, for example.

Isa Isa Floral Website built with Squarespace

GWS: What are your plans/goals for the upcoming year (particularly as it relates to what you do online)?

ISA ISA: I am working on a visual journal of seasonal plants/flowers in different places I have lived and worked and having an online platform for this will be so helpful in spreading the word. Also, I love taking on new weekly clients and hope to grow in this aspect!

GWS: What have you found to have the most impact when designing your site?

ISA ISA: When designing my site, using particular and impactful imagery made all the difference. For me, having visual cohesiveness amongst the photographs–in content, color, and composition–is really important. Also, minimal background graphics and text is important, as well.

GWS: What template did you use?

ISA ISA: Forte is the template I use.

Isa Isa Floral Website built with Squarespace

GWS: What advice would you give someone launching their business?

ISA ISA: Work for someone else who you really admire first. Learn what you like and don’t like with these experiences.

GWS: How about for advice for those launching a new/revamped website?

ISA ISA: Do some trial runs. Ask people who are not in your field to evaluate your website–is it legible/accessible/understandable to them? Do they get the “point”? What you are trying to portray/sell/etc.? What do they perceive? (Maybe it is different from what you want them to perceive and if so you may need to alter it.) I think a few trusted opinions are best. But also, don’t listen to them if you really don’t agree!

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