Show-Stopping Engagement Rings by Simon G

Engagement rings from Simon G

Are you beginning to hunt for the perfect engagement ring — something that screams you and will pair perfectly with every outfit? Maybe you’ve started a Pinterest board to collect your favorites and see if there is a running theme… And no, it isn’t weird, you’re actually doing your future fiancé a favor!! To help you out with the hunt, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites from Simon G. With a mix of vintage-inspired design and stunning classics with a modern twist, these shimmering beauties are definite show-stoppers!

Engagement rings from Simon G

clockwise, starting at top left: Romantic Swirling Designs, Mosaic Floral Halo, Garden Rose Ring, Simple Mosaic, Round Stone with Baguettes, Bezel Princess Cut, Vintage-Inspired Floral Halo, Classic Oval Halo, Vintage-Inspired Pear Set, Passion Collection Ring

So, do you find yourself eyeing certain designs more than another? Are you looking for something simple and chic or unique and ornate? We’d love to hear what styles are on your radar in the comments below!

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