Shopping for a Ring? Say it with Gold

Gold stacking rings

As every bride is aware, planning a wedding is full of decisions….and picking out wedding bands is no exception! For brides that favor tradition, gold is a great choice. Gold is a historically precious metal with many meanings, including strength and commitment, to many cultures. In fact, gold is so scarce that all the gold ever mined could fit into two Olympic-size swimming pools! Another cool fact about gold: the oldest gold jewelry dates from 6,000 years ago and looks the same today as when it was first given. Pretty amazing.

As you know, I LOVE to see a bride personalize her day. :) If you prefer traditional yellow gold but still want to make your mark, gold is easy to have engraved with a message that will ensure you that your wedding bands are truly one-of-a-kind. If you prefer a completely different look and finish, you could select white or rose gold wedding bands! Loving some of these gorgeous gold bands below which are all supported by the World Gold Council

Gold rings

Clockwise from top left: Aurora Lopez Mejia // Me & Ro //  Sandy Leong // Aurora Lopez Mejia // Aurora Lopez Mejia // McTeigue & McClelland

Craftsmanship and intention are at the heart of Aurora Lopez Mejia‘s philosophy of artistry and design. Though many jewellers have followed in her footsteps, she was the first to make the written word an element of design in its most recent, modern incarnation. Check out this video to learn a bit more about her design process…

Learn more about gold wedding bands from the World Gold Council.