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Do any of you lovely ladies foresee a sparkly bauble in your near future? Or gents, are you researching engagement rings + finding yourself overwhelmed with info? Well look no further because today we’re excited to share some great options for rare, handmade and affordable diamonds with you guys! Hopefully this will make the ring hunt a fun, easy + stress-free process! :)

Let’s start with the beautiful + uncommon pink diamonds that can be found at Uneek Jewelry. Pink diamonds are some of the most scarce stones on earth, rendering them perfect for the bride who wants something that is just as stunning as it is unique. And as an added bonus, all of Uneek’s rings feature award winning designs + are crafted in the USA. Ready to browse some pretty pink jewels? Click here to check them out!

pink diamonds from Uneek

If you’re looking for an ethically sourced ring with a low carbon footprint, Danhov is definitely for you! All of their rings are handmade from wire instead of being cast + are free of the harsh chemicals which can typically be found in the jewelry production process. All their diamonds are ethically sourced, fair trade, conflict-free and made with recycled gold. We LOVE that! Browse these beautiful, one-of-a-kind rings here.

danhov engagement rings

Get the most bang for your buck with Coronet! Their patented seven diamond technology emulates a single stone, yet contains more luminescence with 399 surface facets compared to just 54 on a traditional one carat ring. Designs are stylish + trendy and ethically sourced. Shop these ultra affordable engagement ring options here!

coronet diamonds engagement rings