Seasonal Flower Guide: Spring

Spring Flower Guide

How many of you have been waiting patiently for our spring flower guide? Well, we’re beyond ecstatic that the weather is warming up, the springtime buds are blooming + the time has finally arrived for us to share!

There’s no doubting that spring is THE BEST season for flower lovers, so if you’ve just gotta have peonies – or maybe lilac or sweet peas – present in your wedding day design, you might want to consider choosing your celebration date based on the spring flower season. We wanted to share a mix of colorful blooms that are both well-known and a bit untraditional. A blend of different flower types, textures and foliages is (in our opinion) the best way to achieve a stylish, dynamic look for your bouquet + centerpieces. Need a little more inspiration? Check out our Flowers + Bouquets board on Pinterest to start to brainstorm your floral design!

Spring Flower Guide Flowers

So out of all the beautiful options available to us this time of year, how the heck did we narrow it down? It wasn’t easy, but we wanted to give you a list of pretties that would work seamlessly together + with other flowers and fillers. (We even created a fun DIY boho bouquet using almost every find above, so you can see just how good these blooms look side-by-side! Stop by next Friday to see the bouquet and get the step-by-step tutorial!)

Our faves for spring include heather (which comes in shades of pink, red, light purple, lilac + lavender), sweet pea, mimosa acacia, clematis, maiden hair fern, lilac, ranunculus (avail in a wide variety of colors in the spring), hellebores, pieris japonica, anemones, double tulips, lavender, Icelandic poppies, delphiniums, jasmine vine and, of course, peonies! We picked a dreamy light pink variety, known as a Sarah Bernhardt peony, but there are so many colors + types available in the spring! Another favorite of ours? The Coral Charm peony! So fun if you want a bright, springtime look to your floral design!

Purple Spring Flowers


Purple Spring Flowers

King Protea Bouquet

How many of you are making your own bouquets for your spring wedding? A super easy DIY bouquet would be a single king protea bouquet, accented by a few stems of maiden hair fern. Tie with a colorful ribbon + you’re in business!

Pink Spring Flowers

Icelandic Poppies

And you can’t go wrong with another of our faves, the Icelandic poppy! So pretty for adding color to your bouquet!

Colorful Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

If you aren’t having a spring wedding, don’t worry, because there are a bunch of super pretty options available to you year-round in most places. Dusty miller is one of our most fave accent fillers and those lotus pods would totally take a desert-y design to the next level. Talk about texture! See our year-round picks below.

Flowers Available Year Round

Wanna DIY your flowers, but don’t live near a flower market? Head over to BloomsByTheBox – a great wholesale floral resource with a wide selection of blooms that can be shipped directly to you!

Tell us, what did you think of our Seasonal Flower guides?! We had SO much fun putting these together for you! We’d love to hear how many of you used our guides to DIY your floral design or to brainstorm ideas with your florist! And for those just getting started with your florals plans, mix + match our picks with your own favorites (or even forages from your yard or budget-friendly blooms from your local market) to create a feel that’s unique to you. See all of our four Seasonal Guides here + visit our bouquet galleries for more efflorescence eye candy!


Thanks so much to our gal Katie Pritchard for the photos!