Registry: Deposit a Gift

One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is creating your registry! I know it can seem a bit overwhelming – there are so many choices out there – where to start? Well, why not select one that you can register for anything you want! At Deposit a Gift, you can register for cash for a down payment on your first home, funds for your honeymoon to Europe (this is what the hubby + I did and it worked so great!), or if you don’t really need anything, how about a donation to your favorite charity? Instead of buying actual gifts, your loved ones deposit cash into a personal registry account that you can use towards anything your imagination can conjure. :)

deposit a gift registry
And it’s simple to use!

• Couples make a gift registry of anything from appliances for your first home, excursions on your honeymoon or anything else you can dream up.
• Guests choose one of your gifts to purchase at the price point that fits their budget and they check out via credit card, just like they would with a traditional registry. But instead of choosing from toasters + towels, they are choosing between romantic date nights and that new flat screen your fiance’s been eyeing.
• When you’re ready to spend your money, you’ll cash out via FREE direct deposit, personal check or Visa gift card.

Maximum flexibility, minimum hassle. What’s not to love? :)

Be sure to check out more from Deposit a Gift through viewing sample registries and reading their testimonials. Happy registering!