A Colorful + Fun Wedding: Marci + Redge

wedding dress with sweater

Happy Monday everyone! I think today’s wedding today is just so fun + happy – a perfect wedding for a Monday. And I totally love Marci’s reason for her color scheme :) I’ll let her tell you guys about it …

As a young girl when someone would ask me the question “what’s your favorite color?” I remember not being able to respond because I liked all of them so much. The rainbow infatuated my dreams and all the natural beauty found in the sky and the world around me memorized me. My clothes never “matched” because I thought “all colors match” and that is one of the mottos I still live by. I think all the colors together make the most beautiful contrast that one cannot be admired without the presence of another to foretell its beauty and uniqueness. So one of the themes’s for the wedding was “all colors match!” All the decorations, flowers and everything were planned under this direction. To balance the amount of color in the decorations, my wedding party wore creams with an accent of black. The groom and the groomsmen were in tan suits and black ties.

wedding flower bouquets

bright streamers wedding reception

I went to the fabric district in LA and purchased yards of colorful fabric. Going there and picking all the colors was a like a grown up playground for me! Each of the fabrics cost no more than $2 a yard and I bought a lot. I took it home and we tore it into strips and tied them together around an embroidery hoop to make the ceilings for the little canopies provided by the park. My friends and family help tear and tie the fabric. One night we had ten girls sitting in on the kitchen floor braiding and twisting fabric just talking/ sharing our lives like it was a quilting ritual.

It has always been my dream to be a florist so I decided that I would be one for my wedding. So the Friday before the big day my mom and sister and I went down to the flower district in LA and gathered buckets full of beautiful colorful flowers. We saved a lot of money by doing this and we had a great time. My family and I hunted for old colored glass from thrift stores all across the nation. Someone’s garbage became our treasures and we would share weekly what we had found with one another. In the end, we had collected an arrangement of color and each of us defiantly had our favorite ones that we kept after the night of the reception.

apple cart at wedding

bright wedding flowers

wedding necklace

backyard wedding california

flowers with lots of colors

wedding dress with anthropologie sweater

fabric streamers butterflies wedding reception

groom in tan suit

outdoor movie wedding reception

Another decorating theme for the reception was the concept of family trees. Redge had told me one day that when we got married he wanted to plant a tree so that we could see it grow as we grew into a unit. I am intrigued by family trees and our ancestors. The way that we reflect so much what has come before and the opportunity if taken to know and understand our ancestors if we will search them out. My family has shaped and molded me to be the person I am and I often think of the book “The giving tree”. I love this story and wanted to give it out as a thank you for coming to the wedding but could not do it with the budget. But the tree theme did make it’s way into the reception. Our favors at the end of the night were the fruit of the trees. Peaches to take home. Something tangible from the tree. The giving tree always gave back and our families have given us so much.

The reception and everything was done by my family, the Tuttle family. I have the best family in the world. We love to play together + work together. Coming from a small town we are just used to doing everything ourselves so the majority of the event was planned by me and my family.

Most memorable moment of your wedding day? A super quiet moment feeling and knowing that God had guided Redge to me.  Also, seeing my family working together so hard to get everything done – even my little nephews were screwing the light bulbs in for the dance floor. Watching my family show their love for us through service.

Any advice for those planning now? Dream it and create it.

Photography: Rachel Thurston // Venue: Ceremony: Newport Beach LDS Temple Reception: Heritage Hills Historic Park, Lake Forest // Wedding Dress: J.Crew // Bridesmaid Dress: J.Crew and Anthropologie // Groom Suit: J.Crew // Cinematography: Richard Tuttle // Event Design: Marci Bendheim and Family // Floral Design: Tuttle Family (Brides Family) // Bride Bouquet: Backstage-A-Fare/Tastebuds // Invitations/Paper Goods: Linsey Morris // Cake: Backstage-A-Fare/Tastebuds // Catering: Backstage-A-Fare/Tastebuds

Thanks Rachel for letting me share your work today! Rachel is located in LA and available for travel worldwide.