Real Wedding: Holly + Gilbert’s Wedding

Holly and Gilbert were married at the Headlands Center for the Arts in the Marin headlands – a beautiful location for a wedding in Northern Cali! Julie Mikos is the talented photographer behind these lovely photos. From Julie, Holly and Gilbert were a quietly silly pair if that’s not too much of an oxymoron. They seemed demure and giggly and then suddenly they would be doing the happy dance or bringing out feather boas for their guest self-portrait set-up. Holly and Gilbert had a wonderful if not windy portrait session around the gorgeous Marin Headlands and then into the Center for the Arts for their lovely ceremony and cocktail reception. I think Katie Powers who is the exclusive caterer at the venue is one of the nicest people I have ever met and work with and her food is always wonderful. Then we ran off to take some more headlands photos and on to the traditional Chinese banquet at the Koi Palace.

I love the colors of this wedding and the cute Nicole Miller bridesmaids dresses the girls are wearing. I think the bouquets are some of my all-time favorites! The very creative and beautiful florals are by Melissa of A Simple Ceremony. Thanks Julie for letting me share this with my readers and congrats to Holly + Gilbert on your lovely wedding!

green and yellow bouquet

bride and groom

coral bridesmaid dresses

coral bridesmaid dresses

indoor ceremony

plants in seats

personalized cake topper

Additional details:
Holly’s dress: local San Francisco designer Amy Kuschel
Cake Topper: Custom request from pictures of us from Etsy: samyii
Cake: Schubert’s Bakery

A fun story from Julie:
When we started the day, I knew there were going to be games, but was completely surprised when we started hearing loud thumping noises when Holly was getting ready and she told me Gilbert and his groomsmen/women were trying to break into the house! This was all part of some fun traditions of the bridesmaids/men testing the groom’s tenacity to claiming his bride. They made him wear a girl’s slip, put a wig on him, made him prove he was indeed the right groom and there was even a twister match between the bride’s side and the groom’s side. When they finally let him in the house, he had to search for his bride and even paid a little cash as a bribe! Very fun!

See more photos from their wedding on Julie’s Blog.