A Whimsical DIY Wedding: Anca + Marc

Here’s a fun, whimsical wedding – and on a budget – although you wouldn’t be able to tell by the photos! I know from our survey we had last month, that a lot of you are looking for ideas to help with the cost of the wedding. Well, Anca + Marc used their friends and families talents to help them throw an amazing wedding! Anca’s sisters did the flowers and cake and her mother catered the whole wedding – talk about a talented family! Best wishes to Anca + Marc and thanks so much to Priscila Valentina for sharing the lovely photos!

vw red van

billy ball bouquet

vw red van wedding car

bridal party with giant balloons

How fun are all of these lovely balloons?!  You can get giant balloons here if you’re considering them for your wedding.

bridal party carrying large balloons

bridal party with giant balloons

groomsmen with billy ball boutonniere

bridal party in orange dresses

bride and groom with balloons

bride and groom with balloons

What song did you walk down the aisle to? Chantal Kreviazuk – Feels Like Home

wedding ceremony

first kiss

wedding exit

billy balls wedding flowers

billy balls wedding flowers

The first thing we knew we were going to incorporate into our wedding was lanterns. We would bring a blanket, a lantern, and homemade tea in a jar to the beach on clear nights and just watch for shooting stars and talk for hours. We wanted to give our wedding that kind of whimsical, magical atmosphere. I (Anca) love to paint and Marc likes to make videos so we wanted to use art as a big part of our inspiration, since we were also on a budget, all the decorations were DIY which gave it a great touch of artistry and personality.

lanterns at wedding

painting at wedding

painting at wedding

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

Our most memorable moment of the wedding was when Marc surprised me with singing "Two is Better Than One" by Boys like Girls, he had dedicated that song to me earlier when we dated, it brought back great memories.

groom sings to his bride

outdoor wedding at night

bride and groom dancing

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

Don't settle for a "cookie cutter" wedding! Every love story is unique, so should your wedding. A lot of things can go wrong or in different ways you would have wanted, but it's important to remember the most important thing is love, so relax and have fun planning your wedding because regardless of details, you will be marrying the love of your life.

Most of the people in your life would love to help out in any way they can and contribute to your special day, we thought about the people in our lives and what talents and passions they have that could enhance our wedding. My (Anca) sister-in-law has a passion for floral design and does an amazing job at it, she did all of our flowers and helped design the wedding. My mother is a phenomenal cook and she did all the catering and baked our cake, and my little sister is extremely talented in cake design so she decorated our wedding cake. We had friends and family members help with little things such a lighting candles or attending the paint station. We were humbled by the gift of time, effort, and servitude that was offered by our loved ones, it definitely added a little extra touch of love in the atmosphere and made it more personal for us.

The truth is, at the end of the day, all that is really left to show for your special day, is the pictures.So its important to have a good photographer. Our photographers Priscila Valentina Photography were phenomenal! They really captured the essence of our wedding and brought their own artistic vision to it as well. They had so many unique ideas and a creative angle to their picture- taking (I mean, the pictures really speak for themselves!). We didn't feel like we were just another wedding they were shooting but that we were more of a team collaborating on an artistic project that was important to all of us. We loved their enthusiasm and the time invested to capture our special day. Priscila Valentina Photography was everything we wanted and more! We would not have chosen anyone different.


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Photography: Priscila Valentina Photography // Venue: Newland Barn // Wedding Dress: David's Bridal // Veil: David's Bridal // Hair and Makeup: Rachel Lindberg // Bridesmaid Dress: "Wind of Change" made by after shower shop // Groom Suit: Zara // Cinematography: Rachel Lindberg // Floral Design: Claudia Biriescu (sister) // Cake: Ema Biriescu (sister) // Catering: Elena Biriescu (mother)