One Couple Shook up New York City Hall With a Rainbow Colored Elopement

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

What do you imagine when you think of a city hall wedding? Perhaps a bride in an elegant suit, chic sunglasses, and a white bouquet. Gorgeous! But what about trying something new? Sarah and Daniel married at New York City Hall, but did it their way. 

The couple met back in 2016 where all great city love stories start – on Tinder! When Daniel’s plans to propose on a trip to Palm Springs in 2020 went awry (thanks, COVID), he decided to propose at the site of their first date instead.

 When it came to planning their wedding, the theme was color, fashion, and fun! Photographer Sylvie Rosokoff was the perfect person to shoot Sarah and Daniel’s happy day. With a shared love of pastel-colored hair, retro vibes, and a ton of creativity – magic was made!

Retro Done Right

rainbow wedding invites and confetti

There are two important things to know about Sarah before we proceed:

1. She loves pink

2. She’s a super talented and creative person!

As a product designer, it’s no surprise that she designed her own wedding invitations. The funky, fun colors have her signature style written all over them.

pearl wedding heels

Struggling to find a pair of wedding shoes online that fit your needs? Take some advice from Sarah! Instead of purchasing a pair of pre-pearl studded shoes, Sarah took the initiative to hand-glue each pearl herself. Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but it also makes the shoes even more sentimental.

Bride and groom walking along New York crosswalk

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

When it came to the proposal, Daniel wanted to stay true to the events of their fateful first date. On that first night, he had helped her fix her untied shoe. And on the night he proposed, he asked her if she could “tie her shoes forever”, and then presented her with her ring. How adorable is that!?

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

Luckily for this couple, even the walls of the room where they said their vows to one another were pink!

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

bride and groom showered with confetti

bride and groom showered with confetti

This look of love is one that feels straight out of a movie.

Let’s Talk Fashion

white corset mini wedding dress

Okay – we know you’ve been waiting for the dress deets. We’ve got you!

For the ceremony, she wanted to go classic, with a twist. While the corset-style off-the-shoulder dress is killer on its own, the real star of the show here is the pearl belt. Sarah reached out to  designer CREEPYYEHA to custom-make this intricate pearl belt (and attached garter!) and the results were just as stunning as you could have imagined. With a matching necklace to complete the look, Sarah owned her style in a creative way we’ve never seen before.

Oh, and if you’re surprised that color-loving Sarah is wearing white, don’t worry! She’s saved a stunning purple number for later. 

pearl chain wedding belt

rainbow wedding bouquet

This bouquet is simply extraordinary. Florist (and friend of the couple) Dearest Rachel specializes in vibrant, showstopping flowers. She knocked it out of the park with this bouquet!

Colorful wedding makeup and hair

Colorful wedding makeup and hair

Daniel looked more than dapper in his blue velvet suit with a black lapel and tie.

white wedding crocs

Comfort met style in this bedazzled “Just Married” pair of Crocs!

Rainbow-Colored Love

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

The couple ventured over to DUMBO to take more photos in style. The iconic rainbow wall perfectly encapsulates their fun-loving vibe!

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

Bride and groom on subway

In true New York City fashion, the couple took a subway ride to their next destination, and grabbed some gorgeous photos while they were at it!

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

The couple’s final stop of the day was Dear Irving Gramercy, where they partied the night away with their friends in the aptly named “Marie Antoinette Room”.

Pink and purple wedding florals

Shot of Purple

Bride in purple tulle dress

We told you it was coming! For their reception, Sarah rocked an insanely beautiful purple tulle gown. Against the backdrop of the floral wallpaper, pink velvet couch, and gold frames – Daniel and Sarah look straight out of a painting!

heart shaped rhinestone bag

From pearls to glitter! For Sarah’s second look of the day, she swapped out her vintage-vibe pearls for modern sparkle – and we love every bit of it.

purple ruffle wedding dress

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

One of the most thought-out details of the wedding was the cake! As a dessert-lover, Sarah wanted their wedding cake to stand out and be super memorable. This two-tiered cake by The Gemini Bake had the couple’s personalities written all over it.

bedazzle stickers

pink heart wedding cake

We’re obsessed with the retro vibe going on here! The heart shape and lacey doilies are the cutest touches, topped off with specially sourced vintage cherubs.

fortune cookie wedding favors

Rainbow New York City Hall Wedding

Congratulations to Sarah and Daniel! Your epic, fresh take on a city hall elopement is one that we absolutely adore, and hope to see more of throughout 2022!

photography: Sylvie Rosokoff // venue name: Dear Irving Gramercy, New York, New York, USA // florals: Dearest Rachel // wedding dress: Miss Circle // bride's shoes: Pleaser Shoes // bride's ring: Heidi Gibson // hair stylist: Gus Ramirez // makeup artist: Angelina Yeung // groom attire: Indochino // cake: The Gemini Bake // cocktails: Dear Irving Gramercy // party dress: Kikiriki // nail art: Vanessa Montoya // custom pearl harness + accessories: Yeha Leung at Creepyyeha // hair stylist for blue hair: Kristina Dimoplon at Live By The Sword Salon