What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day

bride and groom with rain on wedding day and umbrella
photo: Julia Arceri

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Makes sense, too…have YOU ever tried to untie a wet knot? ;)  But in reality, there is a special kind of gut-wrenching feeling that sinks in as you obsessively refresh the 10-day forecast and see a rainy wedding in your future.

It’s a reality most couples have to prepare for. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not that bad. In fact, a rainy day wedding has the potential to be even more magical than its sunny counterpart. Our tip guide is going to prepare you—emotionally + physically—for the potential ray-eeee-aaaain (how could we not?!) to come. Park-a yourself down and let’s begin!

Deal with the emotions…then move on.

rain on wedding day walking with clear umbrella
photo: Pervak Photography

The day you envisioned is ruined. No golden hour photos, no soft evening breezes, the ice cream truck is a bust—go on, feel it all. And then let it all go! It’s okay to mourn your plans for a few minutes, but the day must go on and the couple must get married. Which is truly what it’s all about. Still want to marry your fiancé if it rains? GOOD SIGN. And listen up: Guests will follow your lead. If you’re worry-free and ecstatic as ever, it’s permission for everyone around you to follow suit!

Have a Plan B.

bridesmaids with clear umbrellas
photo: By Amy Lynn from this Moody Bohemian Wedding

Here’s where the practical stuff comes in. When you sign on your vendors, make sure to ask them about rainy day policies. Remember that the pros are just that—professionals—and most will be prepared for all kinds of weather. It’s a good idea to adjust your budget for rainy wedding needs so that financial stress isn’t an added factor when you’re making last-minute changes.

Enjoy your happy flowers!

rain on wedding day bride and groom outside
photo: Brasspenny Photography from this Rainy Industrial Wedding

Rainy day plus! Your florals will not only positively POP, but they’ll also be happy to do so! Less wilting, more blooming—aka, your mantra for the day.

Rainy day but make it cute.

bridal party with umbrellas for rainy wedding
photo: Pervak Photography

Open those spreadsheets! Here’s a practical list of everything you need to stay fresh in the rain: Hairdryer, Emergency Makeup Kit, Fabric Protector for Dress Hem (like this one from Amazon, or have professional cleaners do this), Change of Shoes, Sheet to Stand on for Photos

Relish the rain on your wedding day photo ops!

rainy wedding photo idea
photo: Pervak Photography

bridal party in rain with clear umbrellas
photo: Jenny Smith & Co.

There really is nothing like a magical rainy-day photo. You just can’t recreate the magical potential that comes with a little (or a lot of) rain. The mist, the light, clouds rolling in, the natural moodiness — ride that wave!

Buy the umbrellas. And the blankets. And the towels. And the…

bride in rain boots with vintage umbrella
photo: Lydia Stamps Photography

It’s a good idea to be prepared with supplies for your guests in case of rain. And since the weather seems to be a last-minute thing, all hail Amazon Prime’s quick delivery! We’d bookmark some bulk umbrellas in white or clear, and add these wholesale blankets and microfiber towels to the cart, too. If you want to think ahead, pick up a cute wooden garment rack to hang the umbrellas. And maybe sweet-talk your florist into adding a few flourishes for the cutest rainy wedding station you ever did see!

As for you and your crew, scroll to the bottom to see our favorite picks for cute umbrellas for the couple!

Throw caution to the wind!

wedding ceremony in the rain with couple celebrating
photo: Brian Paul Mallik

When it’s sideways rain and literally pouring and your in the middle of your vows and the mother-of-the-bride’s mascara is running just not for the reason you expected…maybe just go with it. We guarantee this is one wedding guests will talk about. Be willing to let that story unfold!

couple dancing in the rain at their wedding reception with I Do letters
photo: Tyler Branch

For a magical rainy reception, prepare with a clear-top tent.

rainy reception with clear tent
photo: Cait & Co. Photo

A clear-top tent is magical no matter the weather. So much so, we see couples use them from sun to rain to snow! Clear-tops mean you can still have the outdoor wedding (or ceremony) safe from gusts of wind + puddles. You can even rent a heater to keep everyone warm if you’re dealing with cold AND rain. And despite it all, the moody effect of rain on a transparent roof as the candles flicker and guests gather…sigh. Talk about dreamy.

Make the rain on your wedding day a theme!

dancing in the rain
photo: Tyler Branch

Be a little self-aware and make it a vibe! Rename your signature cocktail (or serve up some dark + stormy’s) and ask the DJ to play a selection of songs with “rain” in the lyrics. We can think of a few gems from Missy Elliot to Tim McGraw that’ll keep guests happy + laughing no matter the weather!

Bonus: Guests are less likely to disperse if it’s raining. Cue a crowded dance floor all night long!

After the rain comes the…

rainy wedding rainbowphoto: Mark Pacura from this Rainy Scottish Countryside Wedding

And let’s not forget…if the rain passes, you might just be in for another magical moment.

photo: Brian Paul Mallik

So when the wedding turns out to be just as dreamy as you’d always hoped in the end…we say, blame it on the rain!

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