Which One Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Your Wedding Website Template Match!

Take the quiz! How to choose the best Squarespace wedding website template for your personality.photo: India Earl

Sometimes the hardest part about creating your wedding website is just taking the first step and choosing the template! All of Squarespace‘s templates offer top notch features that not only look stunning (think—long, scrolling images and interactive elements) but also make planning easy (think—collecting RSVPs, sharing wedding details, and integrating you registry). So, if every template has something wonderful to offer…how do you decide which is the right one for you as a couple??

We put together a fun little quiz to help you choose! Answer the 5 questions below and jot down your answers—old school style—to find out your couple personality. Then, we’ll pair you with your template-match made in heaven!

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Take the Quiz!

Which type of couple are you?
photo: Anni Graham

Your idea of a perfect date is:

A) Dinner and a movie.
B) A spontaneous road trip.
C) Checking out a new museum exhibit.
D) Taking a cooking class.
E) Take out and catching up on Netflix.

Your thoughts on wedding colors:

A) Classic black will be involved.
B) Earthy tones, for sure.
C) I don’t really want to be tied down to a palette.
D) ALL the colors.
E) We’re going with two or three colors or tones that have some meaning to us.

You’ll dance your first dance to:

A) “At Last” by Etta James
B) The sound of nature around us.
C) “Coming Home” by Leon Bridges
D) A mash-up…that might just involve a flash mob.
E) An original performed by a close friend.

Which sounds most like your dream honeymoon?

A) Anything all inclusive and all relaxing.
B) Wandering, exploring, eating, and meeting interesting people.
C) Paris is a little too common, so we’re thinking Prague.
D) Disneyland!
E) Just us and a cabin in the mountains.

The highlight of your wedding day will be:

A) The beautiful + traditional ceremony.
B) The stunning view as the sun sets.
C) Your untraditional ideas coming to fruition.
D) Installing the backdrop you and your bridesmaids spent hours creating.
E) The simplicity of it all.

If you got mostly A’s…your wedding personality is: Traditional

traditional wedding
photo: Molliner Photography

Guests in black tie, elegant tables set to the nines, “Here Comes the Bride” playing as your train follows you down the aisle—it’s the dream wedding. You’ll meet your wedding website template match with Sonny or Aubrey!

Sonny Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Traditional or Creative

Show off those engagement photos, baby! Sonny is great for the couple who has a lot of information to share about yourselves and/or the day to come. Customize colors, fonts, and more to match your wedding design.

If you got mostly B’s…your wedding personality is: Adventurous

greece adventure elopement
photo: Chris & Ruth

Your proposal most definitely happened at a national park and your wedding will most definitely involve some travel! Anya and Charlotte are the *perfect* templates for you.

Anya Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Adventurous

Anya features beautiful banners on each page, allowing lots of opportunities to share photos! The pages also allow for organized details—which is super helpful if you’re planning a wedding that requires travel and logistics.

If you got mostly C’s…your wedding personality is: Alternative

alternative wedding
photo: Olivia Markle

You’re a modern couple who knows exactly what you like. You may not always fall among the majority, and you like it that way. The templates you’ll adore? Julia and Naomi!

Julia Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Alternative

Clean, modern, and beautiful. Julia is an elegant template to share the details of your day. (PS – You can totally add or delete pages as needed! So many ways to make it unique you.)


Naomi Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Alternative

We love the Naomi template for a wedding that’s just left of center. Not quite traditional, not quite quirky—Naomi boasts the perfect design details for the modern couple’s day.


If you got mostly D’s…your wedding personality is: Creative

Creative Weddingphoto: Alyssa Marie Photography

DIY, vintage, whimsical—check, check, check! You’re outside the box in every way and there is no question that your wedding will reflect your unique spirit. The Charlotte template is totally your jam. (We think you’ll like Sonny, too!)

Charlotte Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Adventurous or Creative

A fun-loving website template for the couple to match! Don’t be afraid to mix in some cute fonts, but we suggest sticking to 2 or 3 to keep your sight easy on the eyes—and easy to read!


If you got mostly E’s…your wedding personality is: Casual

casual weddingphoto: Kate Salley Photography

Your big day will most likely be an intimate affair, with only the most important people and details involved. You find beauty + meaning in simplicity. Aubrey or Royce are your template matches made in heaven.

Aubrey Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Traditional or Casual

Share beautiful images and only the most important details with Aubrey! We’d go with a serif font for a more traditional day, or focus on a sweet photo for casual.

Royce Squarespace Wedding Website Template


If your personality is: Casual

Photo…info…RSVP…and done! A single page that’s perfect in its simplicity. Royce is the no frills wedding website template that’s still totally sleek + stunning.

Which personality are you? Which template will you choose? Share your results in the comments!

Sonny photos: Candice Picard on Unsplash // Aubrey photo: Evie Shaffer on Unsplash // Anya photo: Casey Horner on Unsplash // Julia photo: Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash + Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash // Charlotte photos: sept commercial on Unsplash // Naomi photo: Franciele Cunha on Unsplash and Gades Photography on Unsplash // Royce photo: Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

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