Platinum Guild International


Let’s talk wedding rings! The most important piece of jewelry you’ll own and wear everyday for the rest of your life. I still remember that for the first month of being engaged I couldn’t stop staring at my ring. :) Well, there is good news for those of you looking at rings thanks to our friends at the Platinum Guild International. They are the experts on platinum and since the price of gold per an ounce has gone up so much in the last year, platinum has actually become a very attainable option. That is great news since platinum is the most precious metal on the market!



Why Platinum?

Well, first, it is naturally white. That means it will never fade or change color or need to be re-plated — unlike white gold. Platinum’s pure color also means that it won’t cast any color onto the diamonds or colored gemstones it holds, allowing the stones to shine brighter than in any other setting. Platinum is also super dense which means that it holds up really well to everyday wear and doesn’t show scratches. And the reason I love platinum most? Platinum is the densest precious metal (40% denser than 18K gold, and 60% denser than 14 K gold) making it the securest setting for a diamond, ensuring that your stone will stay tightly held for a lifetime – really don’t want to worry about losing your diamond, right?!

For more information on why to choose platinum for your wedding rings (and to view some gorgeous rings!), be sure to check out the Platinum Guild International.