Plantable Cards

Happy Earth Day!I was looking for some unique green ideas for this post, and stumbled upon the coolest idea – plantable cards! The paper is embedded with wildflower seeds. After the wedding, you guests can plant your invitations (or thank you cards) and wildflowers will grow right out of them. Yes, I said plant the card! I don’t think it can get much greener than this!

You can buy plantable paper + envelopes at Botanical Paperworks (they also offer invitations and thank you cards) and print your own invites or take them to your printer. Plantable Seed Paper will create paper for you with your choice of seeds. These can range from their house wildflower mix and herb mix to tree seeds, vegetable seeds, or cactus seeds! They will also letterpress right on the paper.

Invitations on plantable paper by Round Robin Press

round robin press

Thank You cards and more by Retro Sprout

retro sprout