Photography Spotlight: Joielala Photographie

I wanted to share one of my favorite photography duo’s today (and an awesome sponsor of GWS!) – the lovely ladies of Joielala Photographie. Shelby + Taryn are the awesome ladies behind the camera and create some of the most dreamy and fun wedding photos. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them this past year and they really are some of the sweetest ladies out there – super important to remember since you’ll be spending your entire wedding day with your photographer! I thought it would be fun to share not only some of their great work with you guys, but also ask them a few fun question so you can get to know their personalties a bit more too! Be prepared to fall in love with Joielala Photographie…

bride with red hair

succulent bouquet

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

Shelby: Of course from a photography stand point – I LOVE bride and groom portraits – I live for portraits.  But aside from photography I love listening to the toasts.  It’s always nice sitting back and just listening to the love – makes you appreciate your friends and family that much more.

Taryn: I agree with Shelby and always love shooting the bride & groom portraits. But one of my favorite moments to witness over and over again would be the grooms reaction to first seeing his soon to be wife on their wedding day… whether it’s during the ceremony or during their first look – it’s always so cute to see their reactions. It gets me every time! ;)

bridesmaids in purple

Describe your photo style…

Shelby: We love our images to be soft, light, airy & almost dreamy

Taryn: I agree with shelby and would add that our style is also a little bit editorial & a little bit photojournalistic – we love capturing the emotions during a wedding day, but we’re both obsessed with editiorial and fashion photography, so we’re inspired to bring a little bit of that into our work. We try to find the beauty in everything around us and let our images tell a story. 

bride with black wedding belt

bride and groom leaving wedding

What inspires you?

Shelby: Everything from fashion magazines, movies, music to the couples themselves. Not to sound cheesy but there is nothing, NOTHING more inspiring than a couple that is truly in love.

Taryn: I would have to say traveling inspires me the most. I can’t get enough of it. Shelby & I are lucky to travel a ton for joielala, but i also do a lot of traveling on my own time as well. I love going to new places and sharing what i saw and experienced through my lens. 

engagement photos at carnival

What new trend are you loving?

Shelby:  I’m loving the new trend of throwing all traditions out the window – especially during the reception.  Wrapping up a gorgeous ceremony with just a nice evening of dinner and dancing without a whole schedule of events and traditions is a perfect wedding in my book

Taryn: I’m loving the direction that fashion has taken the wedding world. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses we are seeing different color combos, prints, separates, & more fashionable, wearable dresses. We are seeing changes in lengths, colors and materials when it comes to bridal gowns. We’re also loving how fashionable guests are becoming. 

engagement photos with a blanket

Can you share your favorite current photo?

Shelby:  It’s from a recent boudoir shoot and is a little too risque to attach :) It’s a recreation of a pretty famous photo and it perfectly sums up our subject in all her wild-ness, who completely trusted us with one her most intimate moments.  We are SO very lucky to have the most amazing and creative clients who truly understand the importance of photography.

Speaking of boudoir, they really know how to do boudoir in a fun, fresh way – no cheese here! You can check out some of their boudoir here.

Taryn: One of my favorite shots recently was this one from Dominique + Ron’s wedding in Agora Hills, CA. Dominque + Ron are both wedding photographers themselves, so it was such an honor for us to be asked by them to shoot their wedding. What I love about this image is how Dominique’s red hair pops in this open field setting. They choose to do their first dance together alone under this oak tree with their ipod (and us shooting from the distance of course) – this was such a special and intimate moment between them and I just loved that we were able to be there to capture it for them. It’s times like this that make us both realize how much we love what we do. 

A first dance alone under a tree?! Just love that and that you were there to capture it…

bride and groom under a tree

Thanks so much to Joielala for sharing some of your photos today and a bit into your photography approach. Joielala is located in San Diego California, but available to travel worldwide.