Modern Wedding Programs + Guest Guides from Guesterly

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your wedding guests from all over the map could feel like old friends once the big day rolls around? Imagine your high school bestie chatting with your work BFF; your aunt making conversation with your beloved boss; your sister and cousin-in-law swapping contact info. The one-happy-family vibe can totally be a reality, not just a dream, with some super easy prep ahead of time with guesterly!

Guesterly allows you to introduce your friends + fam to each other with a miniature booklet featuring a program page, important info, and a super fun mini profile about all of your guests! (Think of it as a who’s who guide to your favorite people!) And thankfully, in the midst of all your crazy wedding planning, using guesterly is as easy and hands-off for the bride + groom as could possibly be. When your guests receive their unique link to your questionnaire, they simply click, choose a photo, and answer a few questions. It takes just 2 minutes!

You can customize your booklet to match your vibe + day. Choose from hundreds of style and color combinations already prepared for your convenience, or have one of guesterly‘s top designers completely customize a look just for you!

So, just how did this cool idea come about? When the co-founders of guesterly, Rachel and Lorne, were planning their own wedding, they set a simple mission statement for the event: inclusiveness. To pull that off, they made a book and filled it with photos and info about each of their guests, with the hopes that it would help bring their guests together. It was a huge hit at their wedding, and soon friends started asking them to make books for their weddings, and next thing they knew, guesterly was born.

With guesterly, your guests are ready to party with each other before they even arrive at the venue! A guesterly booklet is the perfect addition to any wedding welcome bag; whether your guests are traveling to an exotic destination or a location close to home. Because any celebration can benefit from a friendly, intimate atmosphere, don’t you think?

You can even mail out your guesterly a week before your big day to increase the anticipation and pre-introduce your guests to others who will be there. And best of all, all of the introductions and important information is packaged in an adorable book that can double as a fun wedding keepsake!

Every order includes free design love from a professional guesterly graphic designer; and each designer on the team has experience at a top magazine: from O Magazine, to Glamour to GQ. So, you can be sure you are working with the best in the business to make an outstandingly beautiful book for your day!

Customize your book with a map of your surrounding area, your favorite restaurants and a detailed itinerary of the week’s events. Your guests will love getting a lay of the land and having a heads up about all the fun celebratory events taking place.

If making your wedding a memorable, fun + intimate affair is high on your list of priorities, be sure check out to customize your own mini booklet! And the best news yet? All Green Wedding Shoes readers can receive 20% off with code GWS and also enter to win a free guesterly for their upcoming event by filling out the form below!

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