Meet RockHer: The Easiest Way to Design a Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring!

Bespoke Wedding Ring from RockHer

The best engagement ring is easy: it’s the one that’s made to be yours. And while designing your own ring, choosing the perfect (and in-budget) diamond, and having it made from scratch may seem like a pipe dream…we’ve got some good news. It’s totally possibleRockHer‘s workshop here in Los Angeles has made it their mission to combine the latest technology with jewelry expertise so that you can build a bespoke ring right from your computer.

You could honestly spend hours trying out different combinations—from diamond shapes to ring setting designs to color! And when you’ve finally decided, the ring is meticulously crafted just for your finger. Scroll on for a few reasons we’re totally loving RockHer—plus a code to save on your ring setting!

Build a Bespoke Ring with ROSI

Bespoke Wedding Ring from RockHer

Sure you’ve met Siri and Alexa, but no one is going to do more for you than ROSI when it comes to finding the perfect diamond! Meet the new ROSI Builder, your ring-building AI best friend.

We tried the tool and creating a bespoke ring has never been easier. First, choose your preferred shape. From there, enter your budget. You can then choose 2 of the three priorities: quality, size, and balance. ROSI will then analyze over 60,000 top GIA-certified diamonds and conduct millions of calculations to make recommendations for your center stone.

Choose the stone to add to your setting and finally, use the code GREENWEDDINGSHOES to get 25% off your setting to build your ring!

Get a Look from all Angles

Bespoke Wedding Ring from RockHer

RockHer is known for implementing the latest technology when it comes to purchasing made-to-order engagement rings. And they’ve considered every angle for making such a huge, life-changing purchase—literally. You can view the diamonds in 3D on each product page so you can inspect it just as you would over the counter of a jewelry shop!

Every Single Ring is Made to Order

Bespoke Wedding Ring from RockHer

Your ring is guaranteed to be a treasure made exactly to your liking. When you decide on a ring, RockHer takes the time to build it from scratch in their Los Angeles workshop, ensuring quality and control—not just another stock setting. Not sure where to start? We’re loving the oval cut rings (like those above)! And check out RockHer’s Instagram to see real brides with some real bling for tons of inspiration!

Don’t forget, RockHer is offering 25% off all settings with coupon code “GREENWEDDINGSHOES”!

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