Love It or Leave It: Experts Weigh In On The Trends They Hope Stick Around in 2020

pampas grass and dried palm ceremony backdrop

Can you believe it’s already November? As we round out 2019, we can’t help but wonder what’s next? What do 2020 wedding trends have in store for us?

When thinking back through this past year, there were definitely some rad wedding trends (pampas grass, anyone?!) But, to be truly forward-thinking, we would probably give some 2019 wedding trends a modern update. So, instead of waiting around to find out…we’d like to defer to the experts! From fashion to florals, here are what the experts are predicting for 2020. It’s time to: Love it or Leave it!

(photo above by White On Black Studio with planning by Julia & Evita and florals by Betty Flowers)


Mix + match bridesmaid dresses: LOVE IT

bridesmaids mixing prints for their dresses

photo spotlighting our GWSxMumu bridesmaids dresses – more on this trend in our How to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses on GWS

“Mix and match bridesmaids reigned supreme this year–in fact, we rarely see bridal parties going matchy-matchy with the exact same dress in the same color anymore. We predict the trend will continue to go strong into 2020, with brides taking it a step further by incorporating multiple colors to break up the palette. The easiest way to pull it off is to pick shades with similar undertones–such as sages, dusty blues and dove grays–to create a cool ombre effect. We’re also seeing more brides think outside the box by pairing unexpected color combos, such as blush + cabernet. To pull it off, add accents of each color in their floral bouquets to keep the look cohesive. There really are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching your bridesmaids anymore, so feel free to mix between fabrics, colors and silhouettes–anything goes! The only thing you should do is let your girls decide on the dress style they like most and flatters their silhouette, so that they feel their best on your big day.” – Grace Lee, Founder & CEO of Birdy Grey

Second suits for grooms: LOVE IT

via GWS showing a rad outfit change from this Marie Antoinette Meets Southwestern-Inspired Wedding

“It’s incredibly common for brides to wear different dresses for ceremony and reception, and we’re seeing this become a menswear trend as well. We love the idea of a formal black tuxedo for the ceremony and then changing into a chic white coat or patterned jacket for the reception!” – Nathan Bellah, Director of Marketing at Generation Tux

String lights: LEAVE IT

via The Jam Event featured on GWS

“We think string lights will be still be popular in 2020, but we’re even more excited about the unique statement lighting that’s starting to hit the wedding scene! Lighting is about to get creative, y’all. We’re seeing mix-and-match hanging lanterns, industrial Edison lights with exposed bulbs, colorful glass pendant lights, and chandeliers made of unexpected materials like seashells, wicker, and even macramé! If you want your wedding lighting to truly be lit, opt for something your guests haven’t seen before.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director at Here Comes the Guide

Pampas grass: LOVE IT

pampas grass centerpiece

(photo above by White On Black Studio with planning by Julia & Evita and florals by Betty Flowers)

“Pampas grass has been all the rage this year, but we’re seeing trendsetters use pampas in new ways, and adding more to dyed and dried flowers to their boho arrangements. 2020 florals are all about movement and texture, and pampas grass accomplishes both. Pampas and other feather-like greens are getting a facelift by being bleached, and wispy fillers are being dried and dyed to give bouquets an added dimension.” – Euri Wong, Lead Designer at Bloominous

Subscription boxes as wedding gifts: LOVE IT

“It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start when looking for a gift of any sort of wedding celebration, whether it be the engagement party, bridal shower, or the actual wedding itself. Do you go on-registry or off-registry? How do you know it is something they will need or even want? Well, why not choose an option that keeps on giving for several months? Designed specifically for the trendy and sophisticated bride, Maeven Box makes sure brides receive stunning gifts and inspiration to help throughout the planning process, always updated to stay in season and on-trend.” Maeven Box

Signature wedding scents: LOVE IT

“Wedding perfumes are a beautiful way to remember intimate moments from your wedding day. The key is to wear something entirely new so you don’t have any past memories associated with that perfume and it will forever hold the moments of that special day.” Coulombe Perfume

Outdoor receptions: LOVE IT

planning by Wild Ones and Fresh and Wood with photos by Rebecca Carpenter Photography as seen on GWS in this Peach Corey Hues Barcelona Wedding

“Outdoor receptions have surpassed being a “trend” and have elevated to what we’d consider timeless! So yes, bring on the outdoor receptions in 2020—and beyond. From glorious gardens and enchanted redwood groves to mountaintop vistas and sparkling waterfronts, the range of scenic backdrops for your outdoor I DOs is truly endless. However, hosting an outdoor wedding means you’ll definitely want a bad-weather back-up plan! Consider a clear tent so guests can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature no matter what the weather may bring. Because having peace of mind on your wedding day never goes out of style.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director at Here Comes the Guide

Contour wedding bands: LEAVE IT

photo above from Clean Origin as seen on GWS

“Contour wedding bands have really moved out of style. At The Diamond Reserve when designing engagement rings with our clients one of the main questions we ask is if they want a wedding band to sit flush. The most common answer is yes! At times you may just wear your wedding band; If it’s designed contour it may not look good on its own. When designing an engagement ring, take into consideration the design to allow a wedding band to sit flush is a detail you don’t want to skip! A trend we see going into 2020 instead? Eternity bands with big diamonds is very popular right now!” – Kaeleigh Testwuide, The Diamond Reserve

Wearing multiple dresses: LOVE IT

“Some may think having different ceremony and reception dresses is extravagant, but in some cases it’s a necessity. Your needs can totally change from the beginning of you wedding to the end.  You may want to have a show stopping gown that has all of the drama for the ceremony, but be comfortable for dinner and dancing afterwards. So, it’s actually not a trend at all in my eyes, it’s very practical to have both ceremony & reception looks! And it’s here to stay!” – Lanie List, Founder, Lovely Bride

Monogrammed wedding gifts: LOVE IT

“It’s one thing to buy the bride and groom a blender, but it’s another to get them something individualized and made to last forever. Nothing says personal like a monogrammed wedding gift. This is one timeless trend that we expect will stick around next year and for years to come!” – Marc Stitzlein, Artificer Woodworks

Letterpress stationery: LOVE IT

Letterpress Invite by Lily & Roe Co. with photo by Sanaz Photography

“Letterpress stationery has been trending for some time now, and for good reason! As luxurious as it gets, the touchable texture letterpress offers makes a major impact on wedding stationery. It elevates your stationery pieces to heirloom quality and sets an unmistakable tone for your event. We think letterpress is an enduring classic and we can’t wait to see more of it in 2020.” – Kori Trotter, Lily & Roe Co.

Colorful engagement ring stones: LEAVE IT

Engagement Ring via Grew & Co.

“Colorful engagement rings stones are said to be on trend in 2020, but we at The Diamond Reserve disagree. We see the demand for diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Although colorful engagement ring stones can be fun, bridal is meant to be timeless and effortless, nothing gives off just that like a colorless diamond with brilliant luster! Diamond quality is trending, versus size and elaborate settings, classic settings are in demand allowing the center diamond to steal the show.” Kaeleigh Testwuide, The Diamond Reserve

Family style receptions: LOVE IT

catering family style

“We love writing menus and planning meals this way! This style of catering service is really the best of both sit down and buffet styles. It’s a great way for guests to dine at weddings; it’s familiar in how people celebrate special moments together. With platters of perfectly prepared food, guests enjoy serving themselves from the communal dishes and interact with one another.” – Sarah Kuhlberg, Creative Director of Colette’s Catering

What trends are you excited to see more of in 2020? Which ones are you ready to end?