Gorgeous Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Party Jewelry by LovBe Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Party Jewelry LovBe Diamonds

Looking for the perfect bridal party jewelry to gift your girl squad? You want to show your bridal party just how much you love them and how excited you are to have them by your side when you say “I do.” Gifts for your wedding party are a HUGE part of that process, but finding jewelry that’s not only beautiful but also doesn’t break the bank can be a bit of a task. LovBe’s collection of giftable lab grown diamond jewelry makes that process so much easier.

We’ll be sharing some of our best tips for choosing the best bridal party jewelry for your bridesmaids, as well as some specific products we think would be great to gift your wedding party!

First things first though, since we’re talking all about lab grown diamond jewelry here, let’s chat about why they make a great gift for your bridal party.

Should You Consider Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Bridal Party?

LovBe Diamonds lab grown diamond ring bridal party jewelry

LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds has a gorgeous collection of lab grown diamond jewelry that we can’t get enough of! In case you haven’t already heard, lab grown diamonds are a great, sustainable jewelry option (who doesn’t love to feel great about their purchases, right?!).

When you choose LovBe diamonds, you’re getting up to two times the size of a mined diamond for the same price (and all the feel-good vibes knowing you chose sustainable diamond jewelry!).

With LovBe’s prioritization of quality above all else (and at a really solid price, with jewelry starting from $299), their collection of wedding party jewelry is basically the ideal go-to gift to show your girl squad how excited you are to have them by your side on your wedding day.

This specific collection is LovBe’s first giftable collection, which is perfect for bridal party jewelry or even a token of appreciation for mom or your mother-in-law.

Still kind of wondering what the hype about lab grown diamonds is? LovBe has put together an awesome Lab Grown Diamonds 101 page that breaks down your burning questions.

Not sure what type of bridal party jewelry to get your girls? We’ll break down our best tips and go over some LovBe Diamonds products we think would make an awesome gift for your wedding party.

Our Best Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Party Jewelry

Ask Your Bridal Party What Style of Jewelry They’re Loving

LovBe Diamonds lab grown diamond earring and earstud wedding party jewelry

First things first, ask your bridal party what types and styles of jewelry they love most! For the minimalist bridesmaid, a solitaire pendant is perfect. It’s not too fussy but totally makes a statement. For the bridesmaid who loves a little glam, a halo pendant has that extra detail she’s looking for.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match the Jewelry You Give Your Girl Squad

LovBe Diamonds lab grown diamond ring and pendant necklace bridal party jewelry

Your bridal party doesn’t all need to wear matching jewelry! Just like we absolutely love the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend, we don’t want you to be afraid to gift each of your bridesmaids with jewelry that matches who they are.

Some of your bridesmaids might prefer ear studs, while others like the idea of an elegant pendant. Your bridal party will love that you personalized their gifts to their personalities!

Think About What Bling You Want Your Bridesmaids to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Party Jewelry LovBe Diamonds

Sure, we’re talking about what to gift your girl squad, but who says you can’t also pick bridal party jewelry you’d love to see them wear on your wedding day (it’s a win-win, right?!). Is there are certain look you’re going for with your wedding party style? Choose bridal party jewelry from LovBe’s collection that matches that.

They have so many options in their giftable jewelry collection that you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your wedding day! Even better, the giftable collection ships within 4 working days, so their wedding party jewelry is a solid choice if you’re doing last-minute shopping for your girls.

LovBe Diamonds Giftable Collection Isn’t Just for Your Wedding Party

LovBe Diamonds lab grown diamond rings for the bride

Ladies, I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t ever drop casual hints to our partners about what jewelry we’re loving for ourselves, and LovBe Diamonds giftable collection is no different! Who said you couldn’t have one of LovBe’s beautiful lab grown diamond pieces for yourself, too?

If you ask us, they’d make for a lovely gift on the wedding day. Just casually start dropping hints and sharing links to their collections now, and who knows? Maybe you’ll have some stunning bling to show off on your big day!

LovBe will also be adding new pieces to their giftable collection in the coming weeks, so keep a lookout for more stunning designs.

Which jewelry item in LovBe’s collection are you loving the most? Share with us in the comments below!

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