Kitchen Essentials from Cuisinart


The one appliance that seems to be missing from newlywed kitchens everywhere is a food processor, and it’s time that changed! Food processors are the most versatile appliance you’ll ever have, allowing you to chop, mince, grind, and slice all the food you need to prepare for your next meal with your new spouse or with friends! They allow you to minimize mess and cut prep time in half, which is essential to busy young couples who don’t have a ton of time to devote to cooking. Luckily, Cuisinart has got you covered with a wide selection of food processors, sure to fit every lifestyle and budget!


One of our favorites is the 14-Cup Food Processor from Cuisinart’s Highlight the Elite Collection. It has three nested work bowls and an exclusive sealing system, which seals in the bowls + locks the blades. The adjustable 6-position slicing disc + reversible shredding disc, provide young home chefs with eight easy ways to prep. And best of all, it’s powerful enough to tackle all of your food prep needs!



Sounds like a must-have, right? Be sure to head over to Cuisinart’s website to see which food processor best fits your needs. And once you add this convenient + versatile appliance to your kitchen’s arsenal, you’ll be able to try lots of fun new recipes, like hummus, apple crisp, lentil meatballs in lemon pesto, and blackberry + basil + yogurt popsicles! Tell us, what types recipes are you most excited to try?