All About Lab Diamonds!! Choosing Something Elegant With Jean Dousset

Picking out an engagement ring is going to be a big step for LOTS of reasons. The main one being the whole proposal thing!!

But navigating the world of settings and bands and cuts and carats? That’s big too. Maybe along the way you’ve heard about lab diamonds, and if you’re wanting to know a little bit more about what that means, we’ve got you.

We are digging into Jean Dousset, a designer jewelry brand that uses lab diamonds in its pieces as opposed to mined diamonds while embracing the timeless elegance of heritage fine jewelry. Brand new mined diamonds can come with a huge environmental and social footprint, not to mention a huge price tag. Lab grown diamonds are a different story. There is a future beyond the environmental impact and problematic conditions of diamond mining, and Jean Dousset is embracing it. Let’s check out some of these STUNNING pieces!

Jean Dousset was founded by the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier (maybe you’ve heard of him), so there’s a whole generations-deep family legacy of fine jewelry design behind these sparkly stunners. The lab grown approach, though, gives them a whole new edge. “We stand for breaking conventions and indulging one’s desires without compromise,” the brand says.

Ok, you have to see this. Jean Dousset’s engagement rings are all about customization. Check out any of the engagement rings (the Chelsea Ring above, for example) and play jewelry designer by sorting through all the custom options like cut and metal variety!! You can even check out a 3D rendering of your design! SO fun! Also, we have to share that each ring comes with a complementary Signature Stone (very unique to Jean Dousset) and engraving for added personalization. Love that!

Not sure where to start with engagement ring shopping? Jean Dousset offers complimentary consultations with their experts to help you through the process of selecting diamonds, designing the ring, and more. And they know what they are doing. Jean Dousset designed Paris Hilton’s gorgeous engagement ring!

It doesn’t stop at engagement rings, btw. Jean Dousset holds high standards in their timeless yet unique designs with a lot of thoughtful details such as a Signature ‘D’ cutout or the concealed clasps of their bracelets.

We could get lost scrolling through these earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Lab grown diamonds are made—you guessed it—in a lab. Jean Dousset hand selects the top 1% of the world’s GIA-certified lab diamonds. The ones Jean Dousset uses are made in a controlled environment using super-advanced tech that mirrors the growing condition of mined diamonds. These lab diamonds have all the same properties, chemically and optically, and are more sustainably created without sacrificing the diamond’s quality or carat size.

Maybe you want something timeless. Or maybe you want something custom and unique. Or maybe lab grown really sounds like the way to go. It can be tough to find jewelry designers whose pieces could make ALL those jewelry dreams come true at once. Thank goodness Jean Dousset is all over it!!

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