I heart ranunculus

I heart ranunculus. With so many different colors, their tissuelike petals, and their ability to come across as modern, romantic, or classic – what’s not to love? Ranunculus asiaticus is also known as Persian buttercup. Their season is roughly December through May. Once cut, ranunculus last up to a week, which makes them a great wedding choice. Here are some ideas to incorporate ranunculus into your wedding day.

White Classic Ranunculus Bouquets
white ranunculus
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Romantic, Vintage-inspired Ranunculus Bouquets
vintage ranunculus
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Bold Bright Ranunculus Bouquets + Arrangements
bright ranunculus
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{Bouquet by Ariella Chezar from Martha Stewart magazine, brides.com}

Thanks to Hannah of modern bouquet for the heads up about the Carlsbad, CA Ranunculus Fields! How beautiful does this look?!! A 50 acre field of ranunculus! I’m going to try and visit in the next week or so.
field of ranunculus
{photo from here}