How to Simplify Your Married Life with a Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

How to Simplify Your Married Life with a Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

Good morning, everyone! We are thrilled to partner with our friends over at Bed Bath & Beyond again this year! We love their Wedding Registry program + how easy it is to find all the pieces necessary to make married life simple + sweet. In fact, check out our past registry posts with them to get some more ideas: Our Favorite Registry Picks from Bed Bath & Beyond, and For the Couple That Loves to Entertain: The Ultimate Guide to Your Gift Registry.

We dig Bed Bath & Beyond’s hassle free return policy + that your registry stays active for two years! After the big day, you’ll receive 20% off your remaining registry items, so you + your love can snag all the other essentials at a discounted price. Pretty sweet, right? Or, think of it this way—when friends and family ask about holiday gifts, you can refer them to whichever items are still on your wishlist. Easy peasy! Also, you two can create your registry from the comfort of your couch (their site is so user-friendly!)…OR, if you’d like some hands-on help, BBB has expert registry consultants to answer your every question (Non-stick cookware or stainless steel? What thread count do we really want for our bedding?).

This year, we wanted to focus on making things simpler at home (we’ve definitely taken a note or two from Marie Kondo!), and share some of our favorite pieces to make that happen. We know that many couples have already moved in together before the big day, so there’s a good chance you’ve already got many of the essentials covered. So, instead of creating a registry of basics, we thought it’d be fun + helpful to craft a registry full of pieces that will make your first year of newlywed life a bit easier!

Kitchen Simplicity + Dining In

Vitamix Blender for Your Rregistry

Let’s get cooking in your kitchen!

One item I LOVE and use every day is our Vitamix Blender. Jason + I both like to make smoothies every morning for breakfast…so, I’m sure you can guess that we’re pretty tough on our blender. After years of searching for the perfect blender (only to be disappointed by their inability to deal with kale or getting that last bit of frozen banana), we were thrilled when we found the Vitamix. We had seen them featured on seemingly every cooking show, but we finally took the plunge and now we’re NEVER turning back. We’ve been using our Vitamix daily for the past 6 years and it still works SO WELL. Plus, it comes with a 10 year guarantee, making it truly worth the price.

For our BBB registry, we selected the new Vitamix A2500 Asczent™ Series Blender in Black. The Ascent collection is the latest Vitamix—meaning it has the latest tech innovations, including a digital display and the same powerful motor for the perfect blend every time! Once you’ve got your Vitamix on hand, you’ve got to try my go-to smoothie recipe. (If smoothies are not your jam, blenders are perfect for making soup, ice cream, or even baby food for your little one!)

Make a Green Smoothie with your Vitamix

My go-to green smoothie recipe makes sure I get a major dose of veggies + start the day off right. I love that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast, so it makes my morning routine a breeze. Plus, it’s quick + easy. Win, win, win!

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe


  • Small frozen banana (I keep mine in freezer bags, so I always have some handy! Or you can get pre-sliced frozen bananas, too!)
  • 1 Green apple
  • 4-5 Frozen strawberries
  • Spoonful of chia seeds
  • 1 Scoop of your fave protein powder (unflavored)
  • 1 Scoop of unflavored collagen
  • 2 Handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 Handful of kale
  • 6-8 Green grapes
  • 1 Spoonful of Greek yogurt
  • 3/4 Cup of almond milk or coconut milk

Add everything to the Vitamix. Hit the ‘Smoothie’ button and you are good to go!

If you’re not feeling the green smoothie (but I would encourage you to try it—I know some people might be turned off by the green color, but it’s SO good + good for you!), you might like an almond butter date smoothie or a strawberry + vanilla protein powder one. PB2 is also a great option for those that love peanut butter. So, so many options to play around with!

tablescape with noritake

Next up: dinner time!

For me, the presentation is KEY. It makes everything taste better and makes you feel like you’ve got this #adulting thing DOWN. A great set of dishes + flatware can go a loooooong way. Instead of having a set for special occasions and one for daily use, I love when I find pieces that are perfect for every day, as well as ones that can be used for dinner parties. (Our motto: each + every day with your love is a reason to celebrate!) No need for more than one set…plus, where do you store it all??

Here is what we recommend when it comes to dining:

Are friends coming over for dinner on Saturday night? No problem! We recommend registering for 8-10 plates and flatware settings—this way you’ll have enough for hosting your closest friends!

dinner party at home

Tablecloths have a way of making everything look all the more elegant. We LOVE this tablecloth (and it comes in so many colors—slate is shown here), paired with cloth napkins.

dinner party at home

dinner party at home

TIP: I love collecting small vessels and typically pick up a few bunches of flowers from Trader Joe’s for an easy floral centerpiece.

dinner party at home

The sweet fringe on these cloth napkins add the perfect touch of boho sophistication to this tablescape, don’t you think? And let’s take a minute to talk about that elegant black flatware!! Love mixing it up a bit and Fortessa is a great quality brand that will last you for years.

dinner party at home

To help with meal prep + recipes, Google Home Hub is my go-to!

google home

So, I was pretty skeptical about the Google Home Hub. I didn’t really think we needed another screen in the kitchen (couldn’t an iPad do the trick?), but Jason was super excited about this one. So, we added it to our BBB registry…and he was right. It’s now one of my favorite tools in the kitchen and it’s super handy!

My fave use for this little number is how it allows me to voice search for recipes, then displays a complete list of ingredients before walking through the recipe, step-by-step, as I make the dish. There’s no need to ever touch the screen to advance the recipe and it never goes to sleep while I’m cooking (no ingredients on this gadget!). It also has a really good speaker for playing a fun cooking mix!

Another bonus? It easily connects to our Nest devices (more on these later!), so we can access and manage them hands-free as well!

Cozy Up in a Serene Slumber Sanctuary

bedroom design

Everyone knows that sleep is essential to overall wellness, and since you normally sleep for close to 8 hours per day (unless you have little ones…then it might be closer to 4!), shouldn’t it be in a place that you love?

We’re firm believers in creating a serene sanctuary to cozy on up in with hues that make you feel relaxed and calm, soothing textures, and quality linens. Your BBB registry is perfect for finding sheets you adore, a darling duvet, comfy pillows and more to make your bedroom the ideal sanctuary. For those of you in need of a bed frame to *complete* the look, or sweet side tables for storage, did you know Bed Bath & Beyond also carries furniture?

boho bedroom details

For the bedroom, we recommend the following:

• A set of Linen Sheets—not only do they look good, but they get softer with every wash!

• A quality duvet cover—we love this DKNYpure® Crinkle Duvet Cover + and don’t forget your sham covers!

• Complete the look with furniture! We love this Baxton Studio Sierra 2-Drawer Wooden Nightstand in Rain Oak, as well as this Safavieh Bandelier Leather Weave Bench for the foot of your bed.

• Fun accents pieces like this terracotta vase (perfect to be filled with some dried florals), this Macramé Oblong Throw Pillow and this INK+IVY Reeve Ruched Throw Blanket

leather bench with bed

Feel Good in a Clean Home

irobot roomba

Keeping things clean is KEY…but with ease. Why work harder when you can work smarter? Our place has wood floors that seem to attract every piece of dust from the entire neighborhood, but vacuuming isn’t high on our list of ways to relax between work and having our two little ladies. Enter the Roomba!

I feel like we’ve been sleeping on this for a while after hearing from friends who couldn’t be happier to add one of these guys to their family. So, while we were making our BBB registry, we added the new iRobot® Roomba® i7+ Wi-Fi® Connected Robot Vacuum with Auto Dirt Disposal. Our only regret is that we didn’t get one earlier!

irobot roomba

After a couple of cleanings, Roomba had our entire home mapped, so we set our schedule for which rooms to clean and when to avoid times when we had little feet running through the house. It’s quite a liberating and pleasing feeling to be at the grocery store while I take out my phone, open the Roomba app, and have our little helper vacuum the house before we get home. I wish they had one of these for laundry! The other great thing about this model? It automatically empties itself, so we only need to empty the canister once every 3-4 weeks.

A Smart Home

Nest for your home

Many of you are probably familiar with Nest, but if you were previously renting and are now in (or about to be in) your own home, it’s time to get one! They’ve been around long enough that they’re mature products and any kinks have been worked out long ago. Score!

A smart thermostat is a great way to save on heating/cooling bills, while also allowing you to control the temp of your house when you’re out (to ensure it’s warm and cozy, or cool + chill when you return). For our BBB registry, we went with the Google Nest Learning Third Generation Thermostat in White. I really like the updated look of both the hardware and the fonts (I LOVE a good font!) on the display.

The Google Nest Sensors are SUPER handy on this new model, too! Does your house have a room or two that always seems to be at a different temperature than the rest of the house? Say your home office is normally chilly—just drop the Nest Sensor in there, and Nest will ensure it’s heated to the perfect temperature.

Since Nest is now owned by Google, in addition to controlling your Nest with your phone, you can also use your Google Home Hub to voice control your home environment (or check your Nest cams).

Nest for your home

Home Security

ring doorbell

Feel safe in your home + make sure your home is safe when you’re not there! We went with the pioneers of smart home doorbells for this item: Ring. The Ring doorbell is fantastic! It allows us to know when someone approaches our door before they even reach for the bell, check who is there without letting them see us, and allows us to talk with them through our phone. This gadget seemed like a minor upgrade to me when Jason first installed it, but now I cannot imagine us not having a Ring doorbell…it’s come in so handy so many times; we just love it!

Since we were so happy with the Ring doorbell, we decided to add the new home security Ring products to our BBB registry. To build out our Ring security system we added:

  • Ring 5-Piece Alarm Home Security System—if you’re building out a Ring security system, start here…this is the minimum you’ll need to get up and running
  • Ring Contact Sensors—add sensors for key doors and windows you want to ensure are secured
  • Ring Floodlight Camera—this is great for making sure you see exactly what’s going on at night and for scaring away potential intruders when the camera notices them and the spotlights hit

The Ring security system was easy for us to install ourselves (without any professionals), works better than the professionally installed security system we had at our old house, and requires no monthly fees. There is an option to have ADT monitor your system for you and the prices we saw were much lower than those or our old home security service.

ring doorbell

Want even more assistance in creating your dream registry and making sure no item is missed? BBB Registry has in-store Rock Your Registry events, so you + your love can make a date of it while you plan out everything. Plus, you can discover expert tips + find the best gadgets to suit your home!

We hope these pieces help you ease into newlywed life and make life a bit simpler for you! That way you can focus on experiences + adventures rather than other things on your To-Do list.


Simplify Your Home with Your Bed Bath & Beyond Registry

photos by Jillian Rose Photography for Green Wedding Shoes