How to Maximize Your Chill Time with a Zen Den

We’ll skip the part where we talk about how we’re all spending a significant amount of time at home these days (but PS: you’re doing a GREAT job) — and instead ask, have you heard of a Zen Den?! We recently came across the term and can’t get the idea out of our heads. You could also call it a meditation space or even a new iteration of a reading nook. We like to think of it as a way to bring that peaceful, inspiring feeling that comes from being outside…inside.

Intrigued? Read on! We’re taking a deep dive to show you how to create a Zen Den in your home to help you maximize aaaaall that chill time. OR help you attain some if life is just a bit crazier than usual these days.

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What is a Zen Den?

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The Zen Den is a health + wellness-focused space that’s growing in popularity among 2020 home trends. It’s a designated area in your home — this can be anything from a  separate room to patio to a corner in your bedroom — that is specifically set aside to help you expand self-awareness and relaxation. You can even create a Zen Den in your bathroom!

You’ve heard of hygge? Think of this as infusing a little bit of spring into your hygge-fied space! The fresh smells and sounds of the spring season paired with intentional space to “get away” from the busyness (physically, mentally, and spiritually).

What are the elements that make up a Zen Den?

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There are a few “rules” to consider when creating your own Zen Den but after that, it’s up to you!

  • First and foremost, it should be a clutter-free environment.
  • Second, it should be a place where you’re free from distraction (as much as possible).
  • Third, you can create a calming space with even just a few key items.
  • And fourth, consider your senses when creating the space. It should appeal to sight, scent, and touch. This is where the elements of nature come in!

WOOD is grounding. PLANTS are calming. STONES represent durability and stability. Consider the meaning behind everything you bring into your Zen Den!

How to Create a Zen Den in Your Home

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Below are a few items to help you get started! We suggest building a strong base and going from there: a cozy place to sit paired with 3-5 elements that appeal to your senses. Mix and match for your ultimate relaxation station!

Have a Seat

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A Calming Sight

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Just a Touch

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The Sweet Smells

Vitruvi Terracotta Stone Essential Oil Diffuser $100 and Lavender Oil $18

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Bring the Outside Elements In

Large Stone Vase $50

Preserved Populus Silver Dollar Eucalyptus $32

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More great plant finds this way:
The Cutest Live Houseplant + Planter Pairings From Amazon

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And what about sound? Good question. Ideally, you’re creating a place where you can sit in silence or listen to a bird chirp outside your window. But if that’s all too good to be true, here’s a nifty sound machine to block out the noise ;)

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