How To Change Your Name After He Puts a Ring On It


So after the hustle and bustle of all things leading up to the wedding, and then the magical day itself — there are still so many more things to think about… One of the big ones — how do you go about changing your last name? Would you prefer to hyphenate your last name or take his? When do you have the time to wait at the DMV or the Social Security office to file all the paperwork?

GWS founder + creative director, Jen, says “I remember thinking I had taken care of everything – which took awhile since you need to change your social security card, bank accounts, driver’s license, passport, and that’s just to start! Then every few months I would realize I needed to change my name for something else – things I totally didn’t think about like my frequent flier miles, the doctor’s office, voter registration! There are so many places you need to reach out to change to your new name it can take up so much time when you have lots of other things you’d rather be doing!

Well don’t fret!! Meet HitchSwitch, an online + mobile name change service that makes the process easy + seamless! HitchSwitch began when Josh Gelb + Jake Wolff, two law school classmates, were astounded by how complicated it was for their respective wives to switch their last names and were disappointed with the online options available to newlyweds. Out of their confusion + utter dismay, they sought to create a website where one could quickly + easily change their last name after the big day. Sounds great, right? It is!

HitchSwitch offers its clients three unique packages to get through the name changing process without breaking a sweat.

Print at Home Package (where you fill out the forms online, print them from the comfort of your home, sign + send!)
Full Service Package (which is the most popular one — best for busy newlyweds who are looking to save time + avoid the hassle! HitchSwitch mails you a folder packed with all the forms you need, plus a pre-addressed + pre-stamped envelope!)
Platinum Package (includes all of the above, plus a ready-to-ship passport photo —so you can skip the line— and a personal name change concierge for any + all questions!)

Make the process easy and spend the time where it really matters (with your new spouse, of course!!) Seriously brilliant.

Image above from GWS artist, Christina Lilly Photography.

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