11 Magical Harry Potter Wedding Ideas for a Whimsical Day

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

When it comes to pop culture references in weddings, nothing quite tops the magic that happens when Harry Potter fans get married! And that’s saying something because themed weddings are often difficult to do right. But the Wizarding World just opens up SO many opportunities for creative color schemes, transporting decor (no floo powder necessary), and nostalgia. After all, a story full of adventure with love at its core — it’s just ripe for a wedding theme! So, let’s talk Harry Potter wedding ideas.

Photographer and tattoo shop owner, Amy of The Tattooed Bride Photography, designed a day that was inspired by a real couple who’d recently popped in for a few Harry Potter-inspired tattoos! (You’ve got to hang around to see them because they are rad.) The day took place at Golden Tarot Ink Club and the details are perfection. Some of the best Harry Potter wedding ideas we’ve ever seen, all wrapped up in one stunning editorial. From the invitation to the Patronus portraits (!!), you might want to make like Hermione and start taking notes.

1. Send magical invitations by post.

Harry Potter Marauders Map Wedding InvitationThe Marauder’s Map, but make it an invitation. Though we aren’t quite yet capable of Owl Post, mailing a magical wedding invitation is the first step to a Potter-inspired day. After all, it was a letter that set everything into motion for Harry, himself.

Marauders Map Wedding Invitation
Silk Stationery absolutely nailed these!

blue velvet ring box

wand and wedding ring

2. Sort your wedding party by Hogwarts’ House colors.

Hogwarts House Bridesmaids Dresses
True Harry Potter fans know that as far as the Wizarding World is concerned, your identity is in your House. Each of the four Hogwarts Houses has its own color scheme — the perfect jumping-off point to inform colors for bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen details! And we LOVE how this crew rocked their House colors!

Harry Potter Wedding IdeasBetter be…Gryffindor! If you can’t tell by the deep burgundy dress, the Crookshanks look-a-like makes it clear.

Harry Potter Wedding InspirationNext up, our Ravenclaw bride! And every Ravenclaw bride needs a diadem — one she hopefully will not lose.! This crown by The Royal Realm gives off all the Grey Lady vibes.

Harry Potter Wedding InspirationAh, Hufflepuff. Home to beloved Newt Scamander and Cedric Diggory.

Speaking of Newt: Fantastic Beasts Meets Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

Harry Potter Wedding InspirationAnd finally, we have Slytherin. Emerald green with a hint of, shall we say, ambition.

3. Oddities are everything.

Harry Potter Wedding IdeasPuff the Bearded Dragon might be the closest thing we’ll get to a real dragon…and we will TOTALLY take it. Animals and other oddities are the devils in the details!

dried blue bouquet
And if you can’t get mandrakes, just get weird. The odder the flowers, the more Professor Sprout would approve!

4. Set the stage with a magical venue.

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas
The more interesting the venue, the better. And honestly, you can go SO many directions here. You could style a lounge to replicate a common room, the ceremony like Hogwarts’ grounds, the reception like the Great Hall. The best thing about a Harry Potter wedding is that, with a bit of imagination, you can truly go anywhere!

This reception looks like the Great Hall:
A Glam Harry Potter Wedding at Hollywood Castle

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

5. Don a magical device.

time turner necklace harry potter wedding ideasThanks to the Time-Turner necklace by Freeman Jewelry, reliving the wedding day is finally possible.

6. Make some magic with your couple’s portraits.

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas
This one may take a little post-editing magic, but with a little effort and concentration…

Black Wedding Dress Harry Potter Wedding Ideas
…even a Patronus is possible!

crystal crown head piece

harry potter wedding ideas patronus
The groom’s Potrunus is, of course, a stag.

Black Wedding Dress

7. Make the Unbreakable Vow permanent.

harry potter tattoos
You know you’ve got a real one when their forearm bears the mark! How totally stunning are these Harry Potter-inspired tattoos?!

8. Light up the candles.

Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration
We won’t say that the reception hall requires floating candles for a Harry Potter wedding theme…but how could you not?

Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

9. Set the table for always.

harry potter dinner plate
You know you’re a true fan if these plates make you tear up a bit.

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

Harry Potter Wedding Ideas

10. Serve up a potion.

potion making cocktails
What’s a party without a potion? Perhaps a few drops of Felix Felicis, hm?

potion making cocktails

11. Serve a chocolate frog wedding cake.

chocolate frog wedding cake Harry Potter wedding ideasHarry’s favorite treat — in cake form! A stunning blue velvet + gold foil cake by The Unorthodox Baker makes for the perfect sweet ending.

chocolate frog wedding cake

Fun fact: the very first editorial we shared with Harry Potter wedding ideas was in 2011! You’ve seen how it’s going…now, see how it started.

photography: The Tattooed Bride Photography // venue name: Golden Tarot Ink Club, Orlando, Florida, USA // event design: The Tattooed Bride Photography // planning: The Tattooed Bride Photography // florals: The Tattooed Bride Photography // wedding dress: Mr. Pretty // hairpiece: The Royal Realm // makeup artist: Jackie Coleman // paper goods: Silk Stationary // handmade details: Always Plate Decals // cake: The Unorthodox Baker // tabletop rentals: Prometheus Esoterica // specialty rentals: Prometheus Esoterica // models: Krystal, Earl, Shannon (with Puff the Bearded Dragon) and Jackie Coleman // cocktails: Richard // necklaces + earrings : Freeman Jewelry