GWS Interviews: Rosa Clará

Rosa Clara Interview

We love being able to share all types of wedding inspiration, insight + ideas with you guys and today, we’re all in for a treat because the lovely + talented wedding dress designer, Rosa Clará, is here chatting with us about her background, inspiration and gorgeous new collection! Read on for our exclusive interview with Rosa and to see a few peeks at her beautiful designs.

GWS: When did you decide what you wanted to do when you grew up?

Rosa Clará: When I was 31; I realized that brides were looking for something different from what it was offered at that time. Bridal gowns were monotonous and had a terrible lack of fashion; which inspired me to create my own line.

I had a vision that led me to create a collection for these particular brides. Those gowns were filled with creativity, quality and fashion. My first bridal collection was totally innovative!

Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

GWS: When did you start your own company and how? 

Rosa Clará: I started my company 20 years ago. When the first collection was launched, in a very simple way; we did not think of the magnitude it would cause. It was growing too fast! The collection was presented in a market show in Italy and it was very successful. The demand was bigger than what we expected. At the beginning it was a challenge, but we were able to manage it. In 1995 we opened our first store in Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona).

GWS: What inspired you for your newest collection launching at Barcelona Bridal Week (which we will be there and can’t wait to see in person!)?

Rosa Clará: In brief words, this collection will definitely be a surprise. Keeping it trendy, elegant and fashion-forward, with exquisite fabrics and innovative designs that will make you dream.

Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

GWS: One word you’d use to describe this collection?

Rosa Clará: Innovative.

GWS: Any piece of advice for a bride who is shopping for their dream dress?

Rosa Clará: My motto is “Less is more” meaning that the simpler the bride dresses, the more beautiful she will look. Simplicity and exquisite fabrics are the perfect combination to creating a wonderful design.

Another recommendation I give brides, is to get advice from our consultants, they will become your counselors. They are experts in styling and giving the best tips to help you choose your dream wedding dress.

GWS: Name one Bride that you would’ve loved to dress.

Rosa Clará: Carolyn Bessette (John F Kennedy Jr wife). Her bridal gown marked a before and after in the bridal industry.

Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses

GWS: What’s your most memorable bridal moment so far?

Rosa Clará: Two years ago when I created my own bridal gown.

GWS: If you were to walk down the aisle today, what type of gown would you choose?

Rosa Clará: I would choose my wedding dress over and over again. It is very special to me and it has marked a trend. It was a simple pearled grey long-sleeved gown with rhinestone details inspired by the thirties.

Thank you so much to Rosa Clará for chatting with us today! You can see the beautiful wedding dresses from the Rosa Clará 2016 collection here – and don’t miss our in-person sneak peeks from Barcelona Bridal Week next month to see even more!

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