Glamorous Platinum Engagement Rings

glam platinum engagement rings

We can only go for so long around here before we feel the need to talk about one of our fave wedding subjects: engagement rings. Luckily, most of you ladies share our belief that sparkly jewelry is always a good topic of conversation – and many of you may be currently trying to pinpoint which ring style is right for you.

Overall, when it comes to wedding bling, we say the more glamorous the better! And today we’re focusing on the timelessness of platinum jewelry, sharing our favorite collections of classic, modern + vintage rings. So, girls, take a peek + let us know which of these beauties catches your eye!

classic platinum rings

Rings clockwise from top right: Ritani Halo Micropavé Diamond Band // Valina Cushion Shape Halo // Blue Nile Classic Halo // Ritani Vintage Halo Diamond // Kwiat Wrap Ring with Oval Diamond in Platinum

There will never come a time when classic wedding jewelry goes out of style. And the timelessness of the gorgeous rings above make our hearts skip a beat. For an engagement ring that will look lovely for a lifetime, nothing matches the quality of platinum. A major bonus: this metal also pairs so perfectly with every girl’s best friend: diamonds! Bring ’em on, right?!!

modern platinum rings

Rings clockwise from top right: Ritani Modern Solitaire Semi-Bezel-Set Diamond /Ritani Solitaire Diamond Cathedral // Platinum Engagement Ring Setting with Emerald Cut Diamonds // Dora 8200000 // Steven Kretchmer Platinum “Gothic Elara” Engagement Ring

Sleek, clean lines define those baubles above, and we are all about their beautiful look. When so much of the wedding band shows, it’s totally key that the metal be durable. That’s why we love platinum for modern rings. Unlike white gold, which loses little slivers of metal with every scratch, platinum is as tough as it gets!

vintage platinum rings

Clockwise from top: Timeless Designs R1616 // Trumpet & Horn Platinum Peachtree // Henri Daussi AGCS // Trump & Horn Old Portsmouth // Enchanted Diamonds Halo Micropavé Radiant

We get pretty giddy when we look at glamorous vintage inspired engagement rings. And we’re sure it’s pretty easy to understand why! For brides who want an antique ring – or already know they want to pass their sparkler down to future generations – choosing a ring + metal that will withstand the test of time is crucial.

We’re sure you’ve already learned a thing or two about platinum (and hopefully you’re realizing which ring style speaks most to you!) If you still don’t feel well-versed in the different metal options out there for engagement rings, there are a few more benefits of platinum jewelry that we love. No metal is as suited for everyday wear as platinum thanks to its high density. (Perfect for couples with an active lifestyle or those who work with their hands all day.) And it’s naturally white and will never fade or change color over time.

When most things surrounding a wedding feel a little bit high-maintenance, we’ll celebrate a ring metal that’s totally glamorous + super undemanding! Not worrying about reinforcing or refinishing our rings sounds pretty good, don’t you think?!

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