Give the Gift of Wine with Winc

Give the gift of wine with winc

Are you a wine aficionado, an oenophile? Do you have a crush on anything Cabernet? Ever feel the need to imbibe a bountiful glass of Burgundy? Perhaps you’re in the camp that champions, rosé all day? Do you believe that everything happens for a ‘Rieseling’? (Cheesy, we know.) Maybe you’re not sure about vintages, regions, or can’t detect certain notes — all you know is that vino is delicious and you’re thrilled when your glass is topped off… Well, if any one of the above describes you, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be weak in the knees for Winc.

What’s Winc? Oh, just the greatest idea ever!! Have you ever plucked a bottle off the shelf, basing your decision solely on the packaging and not knowing where to begin in terms of taste? (No shame — we’ve totally done that too!) Well, Winc takes out the guessing game of is it going to be a good wine or bad? Will I like it? Based on a little quiz, Winc curates a shipment of wines specifically customized for your palate; it’s basically like having a personal shopper, only for wine! On top of that, they ship directly to your door, and it’s free shipping for 4+ bottles. SCORE! Not sure what to serve with your wine? Each box comes with a detailed magazine about what to pair your bottles with and current wine trends. We’ve partnered up with Winc, because we think a subscription would make the perfect gift — be it a wedding gift, Valentine’s Day present, or as a sweet little something for yourself! Winc could also work well for wedding events, since they offer the prettiest bottles!

Want wine delivered to your door + a can’t-miss REALLY GOOD discount on wine? Read on!

winc wine and cheeseboard

To begin, you’ll take a Flavor Profile Quiz and answer questions about what you like to eat + drink. For those that really don’t know where to start, this is an awesome tool! And if you’re more familiar with your palate and know that you prefer a full-bodied red or a sweet white wine, you can choose from a wide array of options!

winc wonderful wine

Another bonus? Winc allows you to try selections from smaller wineries that aren’t typically available in larger grocery stores.

compartes X winc wine

How pretty is this bottle?!! Oh, and love that this specific bottle was a partnership with our fave Compartes chocolate which means you not only get the bottle of sparkling wine, but ALSO a chocolate bar!! (Perfect Valentine’s Day gift, right?!)

We love the fact that a Winc box gets delivered straight to your door — no rushing to the store when you find you’re out! Or, in the chance that you didn’t get to your last month’s selections, you can opt to skip a delivery at any time. No pressure! It’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you don’t have to pay for a wine if you don’t like it… Though we have a feeling that won’t be the case!

winc wine and cheeseboard

Winc truly wants to make wine approachable + accessible, while cultivating a platform for artisanal winemaking. We highly suggest taking the quiz to help you discover which wines will fit your palate best… You may be surprised!

winc wine membership

Think this could make the perfect surprise + gift for the wine lover in your life? Winc gift cards + box sets are available, too! 

For our lovely GWS readers, we’ve got a special deal — use this link to get an exclusive offer of 4 bottles of wine for $30!! Craft a palate profile + have delicious wine delivered to your door? We can’t think of anything better than that!

photos thanks to Sanaz Photography