Hosting Girl’s Night? You Need to Read This.

White party bounce house

We all love our partners, but sometimes, you just need a girl’s night! Girl’s night is a sacred space for women to meet up, give each other advice, and just let loose! And if you’re not already treating it like the special occasion that it is, this is your sign to change that! If you’re planning girl’s night for you and your friends, we’ve got the expert guide to making it an event everyone will enjoy and be begging you to host again.

We spoke to the event planning experts behind 59 & Bluebell to get their best tips on not only how to host girl’s night, but also make it the most memorable experience ever. Let’s get into it!

Girl’s Night Tip #1: Start With a Theme

Backyard white bounce house and mobile bar

Let your guests know ahead of time that you’re throwing a themed party so they can dress accordingly. Decorate the venue to match your theme and create a welcoming atmosphere. All-white decor, the roaring 20s, or beach escape are just a few of the countless possibilities!

In this case, we’re hosting a super sweet picnic! Bounce houses, marquee signs, and fun cocktail creations are guaranteed to get the girls pepped and ready to party.

Tip #2: Add Some Fun Signage

Lets Go Girls Marquee

Signage is one of the most creative outlets you can use to amp up your girl’s night. Just look at the size of this marquee sign! But if that’s not quite your style – there are plenty of other exciting signage options available to you. Beautiful calligraphy, creative food and drink menus, or even a carefully curated movie selection are all amazing options. Whichever you choose, make sure you do it with love.

Girl’s Night Tip #3: Flowers…and More Flowers

Girls Night Picnic Table Setup

Whether your gal’s event is indoors or outdoors, beautiful flowers are going to take it to the next level every. single. time. The team behind 59 & Bluebell go into more detail about how to execute the look: 

Florals and greenery are a no-brainer way to elevate any event. You can incorporate flowers into any theme during every season. Follow your rustic style with dried flowers and pampas grass, or sprinkle baby’s breath around your centerpieces to tie together an all-white theme. Flowers create a beautiful backdrop for any girl’s night and, more importantly, the perfect Instagram shot!

Pink and charcoal picnic table
Pink and charcoal picnic table
Let's go girls marquee and cocktail bar

Can we talk about how cute this luxury picnic setup is? We could sit here with a margarita for hours on end. Not to mention, the amazing bounce house! Which leads us into…

Tip #4: Entertainment is Essential

White and pink rose floral arrangement

Every girl’s night needs a fun element of surprise. In this case, a bounce house takes the cake! These aren’t the bounce houses of our childhood – there are some seriously chic options out there that will make your friends giggle and fit your aesthetic. It’s a win-win! You can also incorporate games, karaoke, arts & crafts, and more into your party. As long as it’s something to keep people moving and having fun, you’re doing the right thing!

Lets Go Girls Marquee

Girl’s Night Tip #5: Self-Serve Cocktails for Everyone

Girls Night frozen cocktails

You already have enough duties as host. Why not take a little stress out of the planning by offering self-serve drinks? We promise, your guests won’t mind one bit!

Mobile bar and balloon arrangement

Prosecco, anyone? If you’re feeling extra generous when planning girl’s night, rent a mobile bar cart! This gives you the flexibility to offer multiple beverage choices all while serving up an adorable aesthetic. And no extra pressure to create tons of cocktails!

Mobile bar beverage menu
Girls Night Picnic Party
Cocktail Cart

When planning your drink menu, always be sure to offer non-alcoholic options for friends who prefer not to drink. Not drinking doesn’t mean they can’t have fun, and they should always feel included!

Cocktail cart menu
Girl's night cocktail cart

Tip #6: Small Bites, Big Flavor

Charcuterie Cones

Having several small plate options for your friends to munch on is the way to go. It’s way less pressure than sitting down to all eat one meal (let alone having to cook it!) and it offers way more time for playful chit chat. After all, isn’t that the point of a girl’s night?!

Girls Night Picnic table
Charcuterie Cones

These positively adorable charcuterie cones are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Picnic charcuterie board

Another pro of small-plate foods? Everyone gets to grab everything they want and nothing they don’t. This is exceptionally handy for feeding the picky eater of the friend group, because you know there’s always one!

Girl’s Night Tip #7: A Little Favor Goes a Long Way

dog rolling in grass

When possible, it’s best to end the night with a gift that lets your friends know how grateful you are that they took the time to be with you for this awesome party. Remember, it doesn’t have to be big! Some custom candles, fresh preserves, mini succulents, or cozy blankets are all great options that show your appreciation. Just don’t forget to tie it into the theme!

White Bounce House

There you have it! We hope you’re ready to enjoy the best girl’s night of your life! A special thanks to 59 & Bluebell, Emme Events, and Be Brandspired for sharing this event with us, along with their expert tips.

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photography: Chrissy O'Neill & Co. // event design: Be Brandspired // planning: Emme Events // florals: The Petal Creative // hair stylist: The Blow Zone // makeup artist: Jessica Lindsay Glam // videography: Pineapple Films // paper goods: Harbor Designs (menus) // catering: Apricot & Olive (charcuterie) // desserts: Earth and Sugar // tabletop rentals: The Pretty Picnic (picnic design) // lighting: Alpha-Lit Marquee // cocktails: The Boozie Bluebell (bar carts) // coodination: 59 & Bluebell // makeup: Danielle Drake Makeup // makeup: Hair and Makeup of the Palm Beaches // balloon installations: The Blonde Balloon // bounce house: The Bouncy Blonde