Fun Signature Cocktail Recipes For Your Wedding


Did you happen to catch the sparkly Santa Barbara wedding we shared earlier today? Well Melissa, the bride from that stunner of a celebration, is kindly sharing the recipes for the incredible-sounding signature cocktails she not only created, but made (in large batches) for her big day! Now you might be thinking, What the ––! How did this bride pull off such a task? Well, two things! One, Melissa is the very talented co-owner of the foodie blog, CHRONICLE foodie, where she posts yummy weekly cocktail recipes, in addition to so much more. Two, these really are so much easier than they look! Promise. So check out the deets for the basil-lime italian margarita + the minted blueberry lemonade below + maybe give ’em a try for your next brunch or bash. That’d be a great way to test these recipes for your wedding day, right?!



So there you have it! Two great ideas for a delicious signature cocktails for your wedding. And the best part is that the hard part of coming up with the recipe is already done for you! If you choose to make one of these fun cocktails for your wedding or next party, be sure to let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks so much, Melissa, for sharing your cocktail recipe secrets with us today! Photos by Beaux Arts Photographie