Wedding Trend: Fun Bow Ties for the Groom

“The majority of men who wear bow ties do so because the majority of men do not.”
Love that quote and that is why I think it is such a perfect time to rock the bow tie – your wedding day – or even engagement photos :) Some of my favorite grooms that made a stylish statement…

fun bowties for your wedding

fun bowties for your wedding
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fun bowties for the groom

beach weddings bow ties
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And check out these stylish groomsmen!

groomsmen fun bow ties
top photo by Max Wanger, bottom by Jessamyn Harris

So, where can you buy fabulous bow ties? I’ve seen some fun basic bow ties at Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and J Crew. There are lots of great online stores also that have a much broader selection such as Ben Silver, Lumina, Brooks Brothers, and Bowties and More.

fun bow tie
all 3 on the right from Ben Silver, left top from Lumina Clothing, middle from Bowties and More, bottom left from Brooks Brothers.

Another cool thing about Lumina Clothing is they will work with you to create custom bow ties for your groomsmen! From Lumina, Our ties come in several widths ranging from skinny (2″), to narrow (2.75″), to wide (3.5″) along with two styles of bow ties. We feel that the bride and groom should have the chance to choose from many different fabrics, whether they be silk, cotton, linen, taffeta, etc. We work with the couple to pick out fabric that is unique and matches their personal style, and in many cases exact colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Not only can groomsmen wear their tie or bow tie during the wedding, they can keep it and wear it for future special occasions. How cool is that? And what a great gift for your groomsmen!

Etsy also has some great options. One of my favorite stores is Xoelle. Laura is the creator here and she re-purposes vintage and unwanted fabrics turning them into fresh new bow ties for the modern man.

bowties from etsy

Oh, and if you do decide to go with bow ties for your wedding – or even engament photos – here is a handy chart to help you tie your tie :)

how to tie bow tie illustration

illustration via asos

So, anyone out there planning to rock the bow tie? Did I miss any great places to find them?