Friday Love Song : Sia – Breathe Me

My younger sister and her husband were married in a small one room church in Vermont – a church that had no electric, so candles were lit in the window sills and along the front. Picture this: a small church in the middle of a field with mountains all around and some light rain (not her idea, but it is good luck- right?) and then the music of Sia Breathe Me. I know everyone knows this song – but maybe you didn’t think of it as a wedding processional? My sister timed it perfectly, around min 2:45 with that dramatic crescendo – she walked in. Talk about emotional! I love that music can do that. I think her choice also is a great example that you should pick music that you love – it is the soundtrack to your biggest day as a couple. What music fits you as a couple? If you haven’t seen the video for this song, definitely watch it – Sia is very creative. Enjoy and Happy Friday!!