First Dance Song – I Do by Meiko

meiko wedding photo

When I first started Green Wedding Shoes back in 2008, I loved sharing song ideas as I thought that was something super important to your day and just being a fan of music, was fun to share fun song picks with you guys! Well, I think it’s time we bring back the music features starting today with this brand new song from Meiko called I Do. This song is on her new album Moving Day coming out later this month (June 24th) and the album is all about her recent wedding, marriage and moving in with her love.

About the song, Meiko says, “I wanted to write something dreamy about being completely in love with someone and moving into a new house together. ‘I Do’ is my ‘fantasy song’ that actually came true … maybe the next one I write should be about winning the lottery!

Love the video as well in which Meiko gathered a bunch of black and white clips from vintage movies, TV shows, and found footage. Keeping in line with the theme, each clip shows a couple in love!

“I Do”

You and me
go together like the birds and bees
sing in pitch perfect harmony
I can’t wait to take your name oh baby
is a little hope and then we’ll see
the world around us keeps on smiling
I can’t wait another day oh babe
all we need
I do
I do
I do love you

like a marching band on Bourbon street
from the living room of our first house
over time I see you look at me
like the 1st day that we met oh babe I do
Two hearts that beat
dancing to a little ditty
my knees get week
I will never lose this feeling
I do
I do love you

and everyone
Oh here comes the sun
to see what we’ve done
to become one
I do
I do love you.

So, if you are looking for a First Dance song, perhaps I Do might work for you? :)

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photo from Meiko’s backyard wedding captured by our GWS wedding artist Amber Gress