Fave New Celeb Trend: Tidy Pantries (And How to Pull it Off)!

organized pantry

Celebs, they’re just like us. Messy. But is there anything more satisfying than a good old fashioned before and after? Chrissy Teigen recently reminded us of the pure sensation that is an organized space when she shared photos of her newly tidied up pantry on Instagram. It made us wonder a) who has that much Tabasco sauce and b) how can we do that?!

Chrissy is the latest in a slew of celebrities sharing their perfectly Kondo’d pantries, following in the likes of Mandy Moore and one Gweneth Paltrow. They called in professional organizers, The Home Edit, to purge + purify and we’re very inspired.

(above image Busy Philipps’ Pantry via Instagram)

For more perfectly curated shelves, we love Life in Jeneral, The Home Edit, and OG Marie Kondo, who are bringing #pantrygoals (the most satisfying hashtag feed) to the mainstream. Proof that with a little help, we too can have a pantry worthy of Chrissy’s Bunches of Oats or Busy’s colorful cookbook collection!

So, grab the necessities and follow the steps below — you’re on your way to all the #pantrygoals!

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Build a Collection for Food Storage

food storage items

STEP 1: Remove every single thing from your pantry. ALL OF IT. From the half-eaten boxes of cereal to the odd piece of rice in the corner. Just get it out of there and take a deep breath.

STEP 2: Clean the space. Wipe down your shelves, dust if you must, and sweep if you’ve got a walk-in. There. A tidy pantry clean slate.

STEP 3: Organize every item by category while it’s still out of the pantry. Think: snacks, baking ingredients, spices, canned goods, teas, drinks, etc. Categorize in ways that make sense to you and your lifestyle.

STEP 4: Toss, toss, toss! If it’s expired, throw it away. If it’s something you won’t eat, remember that you can donate those things or give them to someone you know. We don’t have to waste, here!

STEP 5: Decant, if you like. (We like…it’s just pretty! Plus, it makes things easier to see and more likely for you to use). Combine ingredients in food storage containers like the great starter packs we found on Amazon.


6-Piece Stackable Baking Canister Set ($43)
OXO Good Grips 20-Piece POP Container Set ($199)
Set of 2 32. oz Wide-Mouth Ball Mason Jars ($10)
10-Piece Acrylic Canister Set ($40)


organized pantryKhloe Kardashian’s Pantry via @thehomeedit Instagram

Gather Your Storage Building Blocks

acrylic pantry organizers

STEP 6: Organize items in storage bins. Tip! Acrylic allows you to see everything and is easy to clean. We learned from Marie that everything should be visible and accessible without having to move things around.


Stackable Wine Rack Storage Organizer ($15)
Set of 4 Lazy Susan Containers ($55)
Expandable 3 Tiered Shelf ($22)
Pack of 4 Stackable Storage Organizer Bins ($45)
Pack of 6 Long + Narrow Storage Organizer Bins ($48)
Pack of 4 Wide Storage Organizer Bins ($26)


organized pantry Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen’s Pantry via Instagram

Use Baskets for Snacks + Surplus

baskets and stackable baskets

STEP 7: Don’t forget bulk items for a super tidy pantry! Have a few overflow bins for all your surplus so things aren’t crammed in small containers. For larger items that still fit on shelves, we love these stackable copper baskets.


Large Seagrass Woven Wicker Basket ($40)
6-Pack Copper Stackable Storage Baskets ($76)


organized pantryMandy Moore’s Pantry via Instagram

Compartmentalize with Lazy Susans

lazy susans

STEP 8: Utilize Lazy Susans to group similar items together, making them super easy to access. This is great if you have a ton of Tabasco, for example. ;)


Set of 2 Non-Skid Lazy Susans ($18)
Acacia Wood 18″ Lazy Susan ($22)


organized pantry
Gweneth Paltrow’s Pantry via Goop

Label, Label, Label!

spice jars and labels

STEP 9: Bring it all together with labels! You can make your own or find some cute premade labels on Amazon.

STEP 10: Put everything back in the pantry and be mindful of where they live. What suits your lifestyle best? A good rule of thumb: the things you every day should be the most visible and easy to access. Start there and work from “everyday use” to “rarely use.”


135 White Script Pantry Labels ($15)
24-Piece 4 oz Empty Square Spice Containers ($25)

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Bonus: Snag the Books We Spotted!



Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London’s Ottolenghi ($18)
Huckleberry: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes From Our Kitchen ($24)
Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California ($22)
Cravings: Hungry for More ($18)
Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking ($25)

and for ALL the home organizing resources:

The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals ($14)

PS: Looking for more ways to organize your life? You’re welcome.