Engagement Photos – Part 2

Happy Friday! Part two of my feature on ideas for your engagement photos.

a favorite location.
maybe a spot has certain meaning – a first date, where you got engaged, where you met – that would be a great place. some fun spots around LA….

union station
union station
{christine farah}

a dinner, the griffith observatory

griffith observatory
{sarah k.chen}

and of course, being in cali, the beach.

beach engagement
{amelia lyon}

bring a prop.
I love bike photos, so why not bring an old bike to get some fun photos – or maybe an umbrella?

bike engagement
{jasmine star}

{amelia lyon}

bring your pup.
these are just too cute!

puppy engagemnent
{the image is found}

an amusement park.
who doesn’t have fun at a park? There are lots of piers around with rides – or even a summer festival.


{tanja lippert}

festival engagement
{nicole polk}