Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

It’s hard for any of us to divert our attention away from gorgeous, sparkly things, but for couples who are passionate about ethical, beautiful and affordable jewelry, today’s post – featuring superior lab-created diamond engagement rings from MiaDonna – is for you.

The MiaDonna brand has an authentic story and vision. It was started by a consumer, former-model and mother, Anna-Mieke Anderson, who wanted to be an advocate for other diamond consumers, global societies and the earth. With a goal to create quality jewelry without negatively harming native communities or our planet, each piece from MiaDonna’s extensive collection is conflict-free and hand crafted in America. While most people don’t realize that there are other alternative options beyond CZ, MiaDonna encourages couples + consumers to learn about their real diamonds – created in a modern-day lab environment – which are known to be far more beautiful and affordable than anything that can be extracted from the earth.

Vintage Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

MiaDonna offers a wide variety of gorgeous engagement ring styles, ensuring a perfect match for every bride. Those vintage-inspired beauties above are among some of our personal favorites. And a diamond fact we weren’t familiar with until now? Only 2% of mined diamonds will ever achieve the same level of perfection as a lab-created diamond. Plus, they’re available at up to 40% less than a comparable earth-mined diamond.

Solitaire Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

For the girl who loves a sleek, modern look, MiaDonna’s solitaire engagement rings are an ideal choice.

Side Stone Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

Using modern technology, MiaDonna’s stunning, eco-friendly lab-created diamond rings are changing the industry one ring at a time. Browse their gorgeous collection on their website, and follow along on Pinterest + Instagram for lots of ring inspiration + eye candy!

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